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Maine Red Claws 96, Erie BayHawks 75; Free Trey Gilder!...?

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At 7-1, now who's laughing at Crusher (hint: still us) (via <a href=""></a>)
At 7-1, now who's laughing at Crusher (hint: still us) (via

So now it's my turn to talk about these two teams.  It would've been nice if the BayHawks had won so I could tout them a little bit but...

Hey guess what!  I'm gonna try doing this recap Scott Schroeder bullets-stylee.  Which means it might be even longer than my usual recaps.  I know you're going to have fun.

  • Scott talked about this a little bit yesterday, but Trey Gilder probably should start somewhere.  I understand that he's probably not starting in Maine while Bill Walker's around, but Gilder's good enough to make the NBA.  It's a nice problem to have for the Red Claws.  23 points on 9-12 shooting and 10 boards for him, both team highs and both off the bench (if that makes sense).
  • Alexis Ajinca had his biggest offensive output of the (D-League) season with 14 points.  Too bad it came on 15 shots.  Too, too bad.  No free throws either.  At least Bill Walker had the good sense to get to the line while shooting 1-5 from the field.
  • Pro wrestling reference!
  • Cedric Jackson has had exactly one good game outside shooting-wise this season, so I have no idea why he's attempting four threes.  Who does he think he is, Ron Howard? (jokes)  The 11 assists are welcome, but let's cut down on this whole "doing-things-you're-not-good-at" thing, shall we?
  • Come to think of it, none of Erie's players have been that great at shooting so far this year.  Ivan Harris was their big three-point specialist last year, but he has only 14 attempts over seven games this year.  He's made two of them.  Twice?  Two times.  Jackie Manuel has had some okay games, but then he'll usually follow them up with something like last night's 4-14 outing.
  • Donell Taylor is having a decent season so far, in that he's ' making 38.5 of his threes, averaging almost six rebounds a game and playing some decent defense, but I can't help feeling like a 27-year old former NBA player should be dominating, and Taylor isn't.  Maybe he gets a pass against a stacked Maine team, but six turnovers against Fort Wayne?  9-23 shooting against Sioux Falls?  Averaging more turnovers (four) than steals (3.6) on the season?  59 percent free throw shooting?  I know he was originally miscast on this team as the starting point guard, but I guess I expected more.
  • Have you seen John Bryant?  No seriously, have you seen him?  If they still put pictures on milk cartons, I might suggest doing so with this guy.  He got a DNP last night, okay fine, but after pretty much dominating the first four games of the year he shot 4-10 and 1-5.  Dude is disappearing, which is kind of tough to do when you're as, uh, big as Bryant is.