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Last Night In The D-League - Where A Marriage Proposal Happened

The one thing I don't like about the D-League is the fact that the majority of their games are on the weekends in the evening.  It's not like I have a bustling social life, but still.  Anyway, I feel we kind of cheated you by not recapping last Friday nights action, so I didn't want to be a complete failure today.  

It's still the weekend, however, so in lieu of my usual great notes, I'm giving you tweets from yours truly, Matt Moore at Hardwood ParoxysmSteve Weinman at D-League DigestMookie at A Stern Warning and Jim Fossel from CelticsTown.  Yes, there were multiple people semi-regularly tweeting about the D-League last night.  Ain't it great?!

First, some general D-League analysis:

Can we get a petition letter to get plus/minus added to the D-League boxscore? (Matt Moore)

Seriously, why not?  It couldn't be that hard to include, am I right?  Or, is Moore right?  If it takes Jon L writing a post about this and "Blocks Against," we'll do it.  Don't test us.

This stuff kills me. RT @HPbasketball RT @RUBasketball: Nothing classier than proposing at the first timeout of a D-League game. Seriously. (Slam's Holly Mackenzie)

This happened at the first quarter of the Wizards-Skyforce game.  Added romanticism came with the sponsored Wizards-logo'd t-shirts the couple wore.

Futurecast drivers REALLY need to quit using the baseline cam. You are one dude with a button, not a TNT production crew. Keep it wide. (MM)

Two palming calls in Maine tonight. Will that top the NBA's season total? (Steve Weinman)

Do the D-League players have their names at the bottom of the jerseys because they're names that are on the rise? (Mookie)

Tulsa 66ers 94, Rio Grande Valley Vipers 89 (OT) (Box Score)

RGV has to be the best team in the league, right? I mean, I get Maine. But Harris, Anderson, Dorsey? With Garrett Temple? (MM)

Antonio Anderson may need to be on the call-up list this week. block on a three, a reverse, then a 10 foot baseline. I'm digging this. (MM)

Man, Harris with a catch and face-up, 20 foot jumper's good. that's 22 for Harris. CALL HIM UP (MM)

Liking Latavious Williams' aggressiveness. Needs to do that in the A. In college, they'd be teaching him to brick seven foot js on the break. God, Latavious Williams' is a physical freak. Two years and he's going to be beasting. (MM)

Overtime in Tulsa. Crank up your Futurecast! (SW)

Fort Wayne Mad Ants 113, Maine Red Claws 105 (Box Score)

Ron Howard was amazing. 9-for-13 FG, 11-for-13 FT, 30 points total + 5 steals.  Who knew? (Me)

Looks like Sean Sonderleiter will lose starting role to Jared Reiner.  Makes sense, makes me sad. (Me)

No Kyle McAlarney.  Ow. Fort Wayne needs a backup PG. Lucky Rob Kurz dished 8 assists. Pt forward? (Me)

Bill Walker flings a cross-court pass away and then forgets his man can shoot on consecutive plays. Not ideal. (SW)

Bill Walker just posterized Rob Kurz. (SW)

Walker was frikkin brilliant. 32ish points. Kicking ass & taking names. (Jim Fossel)

Alexis Ajinca is actually getting those points inside! He looks as good as I've seen him. Very impressive night.(SW)

What's your feeling as to how long it'll be before Ajinca can be a rotation player in the NBA? Playing minutes is often all it's about. Have switched over to watch the final 2:15. (Mookie, making the D-League transition)

"We'd be amiss if we didn't mention the rubbah chicken shootin at that last timeout." #NortheasternersTalkFunny (Me)

Dakota Wizards 103, Sioux Falls 96 (Box Score)

Who's excited for pajama day tomorrow at the Dakota Wizards game!?!? That may top the mid-20-second-timeout wedding proposal, honestly. (Me)

Romel "George The Iceman Gervin" Beck. Seriously. (Me)

Has there ever been an explanation for Beck's occasional offensive disappearances? It's not that he goes cold, just invisible. AND Yup, it's really weird. Every time I watch him, he scores efficiently, just seems like he goes quarters without even a touch. (SW)

David Bailey still as quick as ever. He had some drug "issues" in Australia -- no probs lately? (Mookie)

Scoring balance: No one has 20, but 11 players are in double-figures in tonight's Skyforce-Wizards game. Cool. (SW)

Iowa Energy 95, Erie Bayhawks 88 (Box Score)

Nobody tweeted about this game, so I bring you tweets by Iowa's Cartier Martin.

Bout to play Assasins Creed 2...then it's nap time. Got a big game tonight.
Game went well...we got the dub. I'm slowly but surely gettin my groove back.
what's good bro? Man that Europe shit got a #@$%# game all f'ed up.
Me chillin at the table wit my goons! You better be careful how you run up on me..they something vicious!

Bakersfield Jam 107, Idaho Stampede 80 (Box Score)

Ouch (The World upon finding out Bakersfield won a game)