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Play D-League Virtual Scout; Win Prizes?

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(Disclaimer: This post is mostly made to show that I picked Anthony Tolliver last time around. Really hope I win a prize!)

Here's my Fantasy team from the first installment (December 4th). I'm an awesome scout!

Carlos Powell F Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Romel Beck F Dakota Wizards
Anthony Tolliver F Idaho Stampede
Antonio Anderson G Rio Grande Valley Vipers
Rob Kurz F Fort Wayne Mad Ants

Ok, so you're not really scouting, just picking five names and hoping for a call-up, but still, the second installment is underway and apparently you can win prizes if one of your picks gets called-up.

Since I'm the expert, here are my picks (in random order):

Cedric Simmons F Idaho Stampede
Dontell Jefferson G Utah Flash
Romel Beck F Dakota Wizards
Mike Harris F Rio Grande Valley Vipers
Antonio Anderson G Rio Grande Valley Vipers

Also, if you think your picks are better than mine, post them in the comments and I'll carefully destruct them.

Also, looking at that team of ballaz, it seems like it could double as an entrant into G-Martz's D-League All-Star game (You're welcome Garrett, now please send me my Kibwe Trim card back as payment for plugging your blog).