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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From The RU Crew!

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Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it and Happy Holidays to the rest.

Without any games last night and, thus, no horrific injuries (and the majority of my evening spent with the family), I didn't have anything to write about for today.

Therefore, I thought I'd publish my holiday wish list in case anyone was wondering what I was hoping to get when opening my presents this morning.

  • A true community here at RU.  Now that I have time to post, it's disheartening when we see over 1,000 visits to Ridiculous Upside (3x in the past week) and less than 10 comments on anything we write.  The great thing about SBNation is that it's so easy to get involved, whether it be writing fan posts, creating fan shots or even simply commenting.  So, if you forgot to get me a present, start commenting on RU and we'll call it even.  I do this for fun, and it's not fun if nobody aside from Jon L reads my stuff.
  • More D-League Call-Ups.  'Tis almost the season for 10-day contracts (January 5), so I'm really hoping that teams take advantage of them this year.  With many teams keeping open roster spots, I don't think it'll hurt to give some of the D-Leaguer's with Ridiculous Upside a week and a half tryout if they look intriguing... And I think there's a decent amount of players that should be intriguing to quite a few teams.
  • A Trip to the D-League Showcase.  As a minor league basketball junkie, I'd love nothing more than to head to Boise, Idaho, for the D-League Showcase January 4-7.  I'm (again? As usal?) looking for a new opportunity and wouldn't mind being around a lot of the important decision makers, along with being able to see all 16 D-League teams in action, twice, in a four day span.  If anyone has a lot of money and doesn't want to start commenting here at RU, consider buying Scott Schroeder a plane ticket from Bismarck, ND to Boise, ID as my Christmas present.  We can be friends and I promise it'll be the best coverage of the D-League you've ever seen.  This would also be a great present from any of you agents that are out there and want more coverage for your player - I've decided I'm open to taking bribes.
  • A D-League Futurecast archive.  As far as I can tell, the technology is still there since games are being uploaded to Synergy.  Or at least an answer from the D-League as to why this option was taken away this season.
  • Jeff Potter to go back to his daily blogging.
  • Next year to be better than this year.  Not that this year was bad, but there's always room for improvement!

What was on your holiday wish list?