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Dakota 117, Idaho 114; Well, I Got This One Wrong

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Curtis Withers and the Wizards won the battle of the foreheads.  This time.
Curtis Withers and the Wizards won the battle of the foreheads. This time.

So there it is, right up top, my mea culpa.  I didn't expect this outcome at all.  I thought that either Dakota would get run out of the gym or that they'd be able to slow things down a little bit.  Neither of which seems to have happened.  I missed the game and without a Futurecast archive I can't watch it now, but making almost 70 percent of your threes as Dakota did certainly helps.  I haven't been overly impressed with Jimmy Binnie so far this year, but coming off the bench to hit four out of five three-pointers will always get a mention.  Darren Cooper made all three of his outside attempts and David Bell went 3-5, and there you have it.  Especially when the other team throws up 31 threes and only makes 11 of them.  Romel Beck can be a scoring machine and certainly was last night, with 30 points on 16 shots.  They didn't score a whole lot, but getting eight rebounds and five blocks from Renaldo Major and nine rebounds from Curtis Withers (despite the five turnovers) were nice contributions.

Anthony Tolliver is one of the best players in the league right now, and he finished with 20 points and 17 rebounds (seven on the offensive end), though he also shot 2-7 on three-pointers and turned it over six times.  Bryson McKenzie had a pretty good game in the middle with 12 points and 11 rebounds, Mike Gansey played well off the bench with 16 points on seven shots and five rebounds, and the six rebounds and five blocks from Mildon Ambres look nice.  Idaho continues to get strong point guard play, with Sundiata Gaines getting 29 points on 16 shots, eight assists and five rebounds and Lanny Smith adding 12 points and seven assists.  All those missed threes hurt, I'm guessing, since Idaho outrebounded the Wizards 54-38 and didn't turn the ball over a significant amount more.

Hey good lookin', I'll be back with the other (longer) recap later.