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Previewing Tonight's Games

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Oh don't be so dramatic, Robert Swift.  Your team isn't that bad.
Oh don't be so dramatic, Robert Swift. Your team isn't that bad.

Another day, two more games.  I'd obviously prefer that there be more, but I suppose it is still the middle of the week, and D-League games are D-League games.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants at Iowa Energy

If the internet is to be believed, Iowa may or may not be with the services of Courtney Sims and/or Cartier Martin for this game.  Whether they're there or not probably changes how this game goes.  How's that for analysis?  Chris Hunter is apparently still playing for the Warriors on their hardship roster exemption (though if you ask me, it's the Golden State players who should be claiming a hardship, am I right?), and Earl Barron should be able to handle Sean Sonderleiter defensively.  Sims being around, though would mean that Iowa has a frontcourt guy that Fort Wayne won't be able to handle themselves.  No, Alade Aminu is not ready yet.  Sims isn't a monster defensively, but he still should be able to cover Rob Kurz pretty well.  Fort Wayne has some additions of their own, and while Rod Wilmont will probably be decent, I'm not a huge Oliver Lafayette fan, and I'm worried now that he'll take shots away from guys like Kurz and Kyle McAlarney (and even Ron Howard) who should be getting the bulk of the attempts.  Assuming that neither Sims nor Martin will be on the floor, the Mad Ants should be able to stay in it if they can clamp down on the Energy's many shooters and make Curtis Stinson take on most of the scoring load himself.

Utah Flash at Bakersfield Jam

The Jam have to win a game at some point, right?  They'll be joined by John Williams, who played for coach Will Voigt with the PBL Vermont Frost Heaves last year.  Williams was a good three-point shooter there and in college, and outside shooting is something this team needs (among other things), because they guys they have now aren't consistent with it.  Williams won't solve all of Bakersfield's problems, but he should help, and if Luke Nevill is out again and Utah struggles with their shots again tonight, the Jam could be in this thing.  And if you think I'm kidding about the Nevill thing, I'll remind you that Bennet Davis and others had a hard time guarding Joe Dabbert in the Finals last year, so if those guys are forced to play some center again then Robert Swift might do alright.  Utah has a lot of talent on their roster, though, and so far they've been able to compensate for rough nights from various players, so they probably will be fine.