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Recap: Utah Flash 102, Dakota Wizards 92

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Yes, I think it's weird that Carlos Wheeler is looking right into the camera too.
Yes, I think it's weird that Carlos Wheeler is looking right into the camera too.

With all of the time the Flash put into producing a fake Michael Jordan, they apparently forgot to set up Futurecast.  Or update the box scores.  Thus, this recap is coming via the play-by-play.

The Flash needed a big fourth quarter push to take this game, but they got some great games from their starting backcourt of Dontell Jefferson (25 points, seven assists) and Orien Greene (25 points, 7 boards).  That's right, half of the team's points came from just two players.  Dakota has some pretty good post defenders, but it appears they need to work on guarding the perimeter a bit more.  Aside from Andre Ingram's 1-9 outing, the Flash shot 60 percent from outside, most of that coming from Jefferson and Greene.

Dakota helped with that fourth quarter push by not scoring from 7:15 left in the game until 0:43 left.  Ouch.  Jason Straight got the start and shot the ball very well for the Wizards, making three of his four three-pointers and eight of his nine free throws on the way to 21 points.  The team got just five assists total for the game, which is abysmal.  Three for David Bell, one for Straight and one for Darren Cooper.  That's it.  They were also beaten pretty badly on the boards, 24-42, and Curtis Withers seems to have come back to earth a little bit, playing okay but not nearly at the level he was for the first few games; he had 14 points and six boards in this one, but also picked up five fouls in 25 and a half minutes. Romel Beck had one of his off nights, taking 19 shots but getting just 12 points out of the deal.

Oh, why didn't Maurice Baker get the start?  Because the league sent out a press release suspending him for the night a half hour before the game for something that happened Saturday night.  Talk about last minute.

The best part of this game, though, is that no one embarrassed themselves or the league.  What's that?  Oh.