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D-League Dudes -- Gotta Love Em!


See, people often wonder why we love the D-League guys so much here at RU.  The reason being?  It's awesome.  Such access, such hardworking people, such doingtherightthingabilty, such hard work goes into every practice, every game, every thing affiliated with the D-League.  When you see D-League official Marat Kogut call a technical foul, you know he's been pumping himself up since reffing intramurals at St. John's to get that in at just the right time.  When you see Paul Woolpert get ejected out of a game, you know he's put a lot of thought, going back to his days in Yakima, into how to push just the right buttons just a little too hard.  When you see Wizards forward Will Frisby and trainer Ray Hall  come out to shoot over an hour and a half before tipoff listening to the musical stylings of DJ/PA Announcer Scott "Woody" Woodmansee, you see the dedication.  It's beautiful.

Here, in an excerpt from Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer,  is one more reason why the D-League is so great:

Sounds like coach Larry Brown is leaning toward keeping D-Leaguer Cartier Martin for the rest of the season. Brown loves Martin's attitude, particularly his work ethic.

Example: One day Brown showed up at the arena early-morning to find Martin at the gate, waiting to get in before security arrived. Brown said Martin offered to stay in Charlotte over All-Star break if there was a chance to work on his game. Brown told him to go home and see his bride. Martin is a newlywed.

Do Work Cartier!