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NBADL Dream Factory - Live Blog

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Howdy d-league fans. I will (hopefully) be live blogging the NBADL Dream Factory Skills competition tonight....


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 8:05 PM MST ]

And finally the BIG SHOW...James White look ready to FLY!

Oh my! Some of these warm up dunks...oh my

Gravity has been turned off!

Petway and White are amazing but this guy Clark can Jam too. He's got kind of a speed dunk thing going.

Now they got a kids dance off going...nice. Kids can move it move it. So can Brent Petway who's plan to win is to charm the crowd by acting in a...crowd pleasing manner.

Based on what I've seen so far I have to go White, Petway, Clark then Jeffers.

Michael Cooper is the judge? Or just a guest on the floor.

Judges are - Kevin Edwards, Tracy Murray, former Suns sharp shooter and my childhood hero Walter Davis! (until that coke bust thing), AC Green.

Shame on Phx fans for not give it up more for Sweet D

JAMES WHITE FROM THE FT LINE! It's over.How is that not a 50! (gets 48)

Petway goes gimic with a picture of some girl taped to the rim...which he flies up and...misses the girl. Dunk. Not so much. Gets a 37

Jeffers up with a...miss and another miss. Sorry Jeffers. Still gets 30 pts.

Kieth Clark with a NICE off the glass windmill jam! Gets a 45.

These judges are rough.

James White misses a two hand jam from the FT line and quickly comes in with a rush dunk that gets him a 42 for a total of 90 for the 1st round.

Petway going for an assisted dunk w/ a team mate holding the ball head level. He tried to jump over the guys head, grab the ball, through the legs and jam. Too bad he missed all his attempts.

Jeffers up again. Misses two dunks again.

Clark trying to follow up his nice 1st dunk with a JAM off the side of the backboard!  Gets a 50! WOW!

These dunks better end up Youtube...

James White....uh...not sure...but I think he literally flew 37 ft. Gets a 50! He flew in from the wing, got the ball on a bounce pass and just...flew. He just said he's got a better one too!

CLARK comes back with a 50 himself! With between the legs off a pass windmill JAM!

James White up next. Needs a 50 to tie. OMG!

Took off from just inside the FT line with a windmill!

Clark missed two dunks making White the winner but he's got one more!

He's already won but he's got one he's insisting on a last dunk...

which he missed...but James White is the winner!

Michael Cooper is standing 5 feet from me dancing btw...just pointing that out


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 7:40 PM MST ]

3 Point Contest..fellas warming up now.

The MC dude is trying to fire up the crowd....crowds are easily fired up with music and free crap stuff

Trey Johnson from the B-field Jam starts it off...with a score of 16. Not bad at all.

Blake Ahern next...(I would find it hard to shoot with all the noise in here - I am finding it hard to type for that matter). Blake ON FIRE! 23 from NBA THREE!!

That is solid!

Ernest Scott up now...nails it with 20pts

Gary Forbes finishes off the first round with 18pts..Crowd boo's as they take 2 pts for stepping on the line. Fans will boo a ref in a pie eating contest.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 8:00 PM MST ]

Ernest and Blake in the final round. Ernie up first.

19pts...that's not going to get it done.

Blake steps up to win this thing....just nails 9 in a row to win it with 22pts!

Dude can flat out shoot. Watch out Jason Kapono.



[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 7:23 PM MST ]

Horse Competition Has Started!

Just getting plugged in. Lance A just missed a shot while laying on his back. So far no one has made a shot.

HO for Lance

H for Joe

H for Will

H for Erik

Erik w/ a 3...misses.

Lance A misses a blindfold three...

These guys are missing a LOT of shots...

Btw - I sat down with Courtney Sims right before this contest started. Interview up later but his picks are:

  • Erik D for Horse
  • Blake for 3
  • and his man Petway for the Dunk
  • and of course Red Team by +15 tomorrow

Will Conroy - the NBDL Scoring Leader wins the HORSE competition. Dude has wicked ball skills.


Pos.        Player (Team)         Ht.        Wt.        Birthdate        College
F        Keith Clark (Tulsa) 6-8        245        7/16/1987        Oklahoma
G/F   Othyus Jeffers (Iowa) 6-5      200     8/5/1985        Illinois - Chicago
F        Brent Petway (Idaho) 6-8        205        5/12/1985        Michigan
G       James White (Anaheim) 6-7      200        10/21/1982        Cincinnati

Pos.        Player (Team)        Ht.        Wt.        Birthdate        College
G        Blake Ahearn (Dakota)         6-2        190        5/27/1984        Missouri State
F        Gary Forbes (Tulsa)         6-7        220        2/25/1985        Massachusetts
G        Trey Johnson (Bakersfield)         6-6        216        8/30/1984        Jackson State
F        Ernest Scott (Rio Grande Valley)     6-7        225        8/28/1982        Valdosta State

Pos.        Player (Team)         Ht.        Wt.        Birthdate        College
C Lance Allred (Idaho)         6-11        270        2/2/1981        Weber State
G Joe Crawford (Los Angeles)        6-5          207        6/17/1986     Kentucky
G Will Conroy (Albuquerque)        6-2          195        12/8/1982     Washington
F Erik Daniels (Erie)         6-8          225        4/1/1982         Kentucky

I'm going to jack this thread for a second just to give you my random note about the Celebrity Game's very own Terrell Owens.  My good buddy and NBA vet Michael Sanders (Phoenix Suns, Represent!) was telling me recently how he coached him in the USBL with the Adirondack Wildcats, and this just reminded me of it.

The two D-League refs I'm most passionate about are reffing the Celeb's game -- Kevin Cutler and Marat Kogut.  Kevin Cutler = Ed Hochuli of D-League Basketball.

-- Ridiculous Scott