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Reno Hires ANOTHER Assistant?

According to a press release from the PBL's Chicago Throwbacks, the Reno Bighorns have hired Donnie Boyce, who was the head coach of the team.

The PBL, Premier Basketball League, is the top minor league under the D-League now that the CBA has gone under and the ABA, from nearly all accounts, is a joke.

Boyce, a secoond round pick of the Atlanta Hawks in 1995 out of Colorado, played 30 games, including four NBA starts, in his two years in the NBA.

I'm not sure why Jay Humphries would want to bring on a third assistant (Reno assistants currently are Thomas Abatemarco and Jason Glover), as I would assume with the economy the way it is, this couldn't be all the beneficial, with 10 players and four coaches. 

The local baseball team, the Triple-A Reno Aces, bought the team recently, and this could signify they're willing to spend, as they're also working on building a $50 million downtown ballpark for the baseball team.