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James Flight White Free Throw Line Dunk

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It is a shame of all things (basketball) holy that the only way to see the d-league dunk contest is buried in this recap from NBA TV.

Even worse, they don't show Keith Clark's side of the backboard dunk that Dwight Howard copied the next night (but they did show Petway's heart thing disaster).

Come on d-league! What better way to showcase your talent then to get this stuff on line!

What follows are screen captures showing Flight White's Free Throw Line Dunk that SHOULD be all over the internets right now but....

James White takes off from the Free Throw Line


Close up of the take off point...


In Flight Photo....


In Flight photo 2....


Coming in for a landing...jamming



Folks. I was there. He made this dunk on the first attempt. From the free throw line!