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Live Blogging Austin-Anaheim

Just to let everyone know, I'm going to live blog the game between the Austin Toros and Anaheim Arsenal in about 45 minutes.

Why?  Because it's featuring, as of right now, the two most buzzed about D-Leaguer's in Pops Mensah-Bonsu for Austin and James "Flight" White for the Arsenal.

Austin also features Marcus Williams, the forward, not the laptop stealer.  For Anaheim, White's supporting cast includes Cedric Bozeman and Kedrick Brown.  Coaches are former Mizzou coach Quin Snyder for Austin and former Bobcats coaches Sam Vincent and Paul Mokeski for the Arsenal.

I'm predicting Austin, and Pops, dominates, but I'll be posting my thoughts throughout the game, so check back once in awhile.

And if you get the chance, participate.  You can watch the game free online and since it features a couple of possible call-ups, they might be playing for your team, tomorrow!

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 6:54 PM CST ]

Alright, Pops, your phone should be ringing right now.  Run back to the locker room, answer it, say you'll be in that city tomorrow, and continue playing.  You've got a 13 point lead.  Quin won't mind.

If no NBA GM has called Pops tonight, there's something wrong.  He's got 26 points, 16 rebounds, and two blocks THROUGH THREE QUARTERS.  PLAYING ONLY 36 MINUTES.

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 5:25 PM CST ]

Why is this Chicken famous?

Regardless, he's promised to sign every one an autograph after the game.  Wish I was there.

Andre Patterson just airballed a hook shot from about four feet...

James White got it swung to him and guess what! He shot. Good thing is, he made it.

First quarter box score notes:

Pops has six points, five boards, and now only one turnover.  Closer to four however.  

James White -- 7 points, 2-for-5, two fouls, 1 assist, 1 turnover.  Not impressed, but leading scorer in the game.

Nancy Lieberman is in the box score. Seriously.


This baffles me.

Buffering issues... Really?

I give up.  Let me know if anyone's watching....



[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 5:18 PM CST ]

We've got some dueling banjos for timeout music -- OH! And Piano!

The Famous Chicken does not impress me.

As predicted, Pops and Marcus have combined for all of Austin's points so far.

All five starters have scored for Anaheim.

Pops -- 3-for-6, three boards, three turnovers

James White is not allergic to shooting.

Pops with a 3-second call.  This is not good.

Mo Abukar has a nice name. and stroked a LONG 2.

Ezra Williams should not shoot the ball. Ever.

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 5:12 PM CST ]

Wonder if anyone, ever, will read this?

Cedric Bozeman is good at defense.

Pops with a steal on the rebound and the effortless flush.

Better than Ezra Williams wrapped up James White on the breakaway.  Clear Path foul called by Kogut.

Pops has post moves.  And he only finishes with dunks.  This is not a bad thing.

Mensah-Bonsu tried a tomahawk from a ways out, but bounced off the back of the rim.

Pops gets another attempt, but Kedrick Brown meets him at the rim and rejects it.

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 5:03 PM CST ]

Austin released Carldell "Squeaky" Johnson due to injury recently.  He's starting.  Not noted in the transactions as having returned, however.

Marcus Campbell matched up on Pops.  Could be good!

Head official -- MARAT THE MAN KOGUT!

Marcus Campbell worked Pops with a quick post move.

Pops with an alley-oop on the other end -- He should've been in the dunk contest.

James White with the touch -- and the errant 3... He shoots.  A lot.

Mensah-Bonsu trying to do work in the post, but travels -- Gotta work on that footwork big fella!

Twelve second late "poke in the eye" call?

Not giving Pops anything easy -- Just got hammered while going up in the post -- Two shots.

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 4:58 PM CST ]

Wow! Introduction by David Stern (via pre-recorded commercial that seems to be meant for the first game of the season)

I hate the D-League commercials.

James White can juggle the basketball... with his feet.  Incorporate THAT into a dunk.

Remember Kedrick Brown?  My how the mighty have fallen.

Anaheim, I think we need some new music.

Pre-recorded National Anthem??

I don't think the fans got notice that this is an early game. Yikes!

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/16/09 4:49 PM CST ]

No audio yet, but The Famous Chicken is here!!

Ball kids wearing jeans.. Interesting..

Pops looks mean!

Basic game plan from Sam Vincent -- Stop Pops.