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Austin-Anaheim Recap: Pops Mensah-Bonsu Attacks!

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Alright, after some buffering issues and what not, I was able to catch the beginning and end of the game, so I'll recap this game and let Ben recap his Mad Ants game. (UGH!)  Luckily, it all went exactly as I planned.  Marcus Williams and Pops Mensah-Bonsu are good, James White likes shooting a lot when not dunking, and the officials were called out by Anaheim play-by-play guys twice in the first quarter for questionable calls.  I could probably script these games in my sleep.

Anyway, lets get down to business.  Pops Mensah-Bonsu is a man.  A very good, athletic, fast, basketball dunking man.  Tonight, he had 26 points, 18 rebounds, and two blocks in 38 minutes.  His teammate, the recently overly-unheralded Marcus Williams played exceptional as well.  Williams played all 48 minutes, scoring 34 points, adding four rebounds, four assists, and four steals.  A lot lot to like about this kid.

For Anaheim, Flight White shot 5-for-13, scoring 15 points, turned the ball over four times, and picked up a technical.  Kedrick Brown starred for the Arsenal, scoring 27 points and grabbing nine boards in 44 minutes of action, as well as picking up a technical under the name Albert Brown.

Nothing else interesting besides the Nancy Lieberman/Stanley Burrell incident documented below was in the box score.  Might have helped if current Clippers dance team member Jacqueline was with the Arsenal again this year like she was last year.  The D-League is even developing dance team members.