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Blake Ahearn - (Not Quite The) Best Point Guard in the D-League


The Heat could use some depth at point guard, and the only two options out there are Blake  Ahearn (Been there; did that, according to Winderman)  and Keith McLeod.  Wait. What?

According to Ira Winderman, the NBA beat writer I most rarely agree with, the best point guard in the D-League is Blake Ahearn.  He is, of course, basing this on the D-League all-star game.  And why wouldn't he?  It's not like if he wanted to write an informed article there is anything like Futurecast that shows every D-League game for free (Just don't count on watching Dream Factory Friday there!).

 While I'm not at liberty to disagree with him (Blake is good), there are quite a few good D-League point guards.  Here are the best.  Feel free to discuss.

1. Dontell Jefferson -- Averaging 18.3 points, 5.8 assists, 4.8 rebounds for the Utah Flash while being the best defensive point guard in the D-League.

2. Will Conroy -- The HORSE winner is averaging 26.4 points, 8.0 assists for an underwhelming Albuquerque team.

3. Blake Ahearn -- D-League All-Star Game MVP averaging 22.9 points and six assists, shooting 47% beyond the arc for the Dakota Wizards.

4. Walker Russell -- Averaging 16 points and 11 assists for Fort Wayne, but is shooting just 36% over his past five games and seems to be a little banged up.

5. Mateen Cleaves -- Been injured much of the year, but is a veteran point guard averaging 12.3 points and 7.6 assists.

6. Maurice Baker -- The vet is averaging 15.9 points, seven rebounds, and 5.4 assists for the Dakota Wizards.

7. Cedric Bozeman -- I always forget about him, but he can play.  6'6, from UCLA, averaging 17 points, six assists on the season for the Anaheim Arsenal.

8. Curtis Stinson -- Hate to include him, but.. numbers don't lie.  The Iowa Energy point is averaging 13 points, 7.8 assists, and 7.5 rebounds per game.

9. Brandon Heath -- Up and down player, but is averaging 16 points, for assists, four boards, and was with the Lakers this preseason.

10.  Keith McLeod -- The vet is averaging 14 points, 4.8 assists, while shooting 40% from the field and 27% from beyond the arc.