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Reaction to Yesterday's Rankings

Looking at the rankings I put up yesterday, it would seem as if the D-League is pretty top heavy, as James White has 39% of the vote as of the time I wrote this for most likely to be the next call-up.  However, I don't think is the case, as it was tough to pick just 10 that I believe have a chance of being called-up.

Now that Pops Mensah-Bonsu (love that name) has been called-up, I'd all but guarantee that James White will be next, if the overseas market doesn't come calling.  He's got the athleticism and skillset to come off of the bench and produce, along with the basketball IQ and wingspan to play defense efficiently.  After 'Flight' White, though, it's anyones guess.

If Steve Nash is out for any amount of time, I'd assume Phoenix would be looking to go with a point guard.  Currently in the D-League, there are four, maybe even five, point guards that would be worth calling up, depending on what you're looking to bring to the team.  

SBNation's resident Suns expert, Phoenix Stan, would prefer Will Conroy.  Conroy is now the leading scorer in the D-League, after the Pops call up, but isn't a pure point guard, rather a 6'2" slasher.  He does know how to get to the bucket, but I wouldn't count on him to run any sort of half court sets without running into turnover problems.

My pick would be Dontell Jefferson, who is basically a taller, more complete Will Conroy, however he isn't a scorer.  He'll slash to the basket, but he's most comfortable as a playmaker this season.  Deserves a call-up soon.

Blake Ahearn, who is getting the second most votes to be called-up next, is a stud, but not really a guy that you want playing back-up point guard to Goran Dragic.  He shoots the ball very well, and surprisingly gets to the basket, but sometimes it looks as though he tries too hard to show that he can play the point.  He'll make a behind the back pass or force the ball into a tight spot, which looks good when he completes these plays, but silly when it goes in the box score as a turnover, because it's basically an unforced error.

Although I have Walker Russell ranked eighth, I wouldn't recommend him over John Lucas III or Mateen Cleaves to the Suns.  Both are heady point guards that would be able to come in and run the system without too many flaws.

It'll be an interesting week to see who gets released before March 1, as it seems as though a few agents are putting that as a deadline as to when they send their clients overseas.