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Catching Up Around The D-League

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With no games last night, I've got a smorgasboard of randomness for you this morning.  Lots of randomness.  I'm also looking for some community input.  Do I have an RU community?  Leave a comment and where you're from if you check this semi-regularly.

  • I'm working on setting up various interviews around the D-League, so if you've got a player you'd like a little more info on, let me know.  I've also got the go ahead from the D-League President, Mr. Dan Reed, so if there's anything about the D-League you're itching to know, let me know and I'll do my best to include it in the comments.
  • Our friends over at have put out a lot of good stuff lately.  The best was a pretty good interview with Von Wafer on how the D-League helped him out.  Great to see players that have played in the D-League and believe it was the right career move.  There's always negativity about playing in the D-League rather than making money overseas, but I think guys like Von Wafer show there's a reason to play in the D-League, especially if you have the right attitude going into it.  Side note: Has any one made a push for his nickname to be "illa"?  If not here it is.  Von "illa" Wafer.  Boom.
  • Now that it's official Maine is getting a D-League team, who do you think should be next?  Any good cities out there that deserve one? I'm hearing that Springfield, MA, is getting a strong look.  NBA (broadcasting) call-up Alex Del Barrio also mentioned in his last blog post that Frisco, TX, is a possibility.  While nothings confirmed, I wouldn't be surprised if a D-League team pops up in each city, whether as an expansion team, or one of the teams moving.
  • Last night I came in at 10 with a 2, but I woke up at 10 with a 2  - From a random Kenny Chesney song on my iTunes.  I wonder if that's how the Celtics feel after bringing in D-League alum Mikki Moore.  They lost to the Clippers last night.  For those of you that don't follow NBA basketball, that's a bad thing.  Really, that might be a better analogy than the one I had been using it for: My foray into getting real jobs.  Went to work with the Minot SkyRockets of the CBA this season, but that didn't go so hot as the league folded.  So, important hiring people, I'm available.  Resumé available upon request!
  • Our favorite D-League Team President with a blog, Jeff Potter, apparently woke up yesterday and wanted to blog.  The result, two posts, one being a pretty good look at the Mad Ants.  It'd be great to see more teams be so accessible.  No mention on the fishnet's however.  Must just be our RidiculousUpside secret.
  • Pops played 34 seconds, had a rebound, and a +1.

Finally for some RU news...

The higher-up's at SBNation have struck a deal with Yahoo!  While this doesn't help RU as much since they don't do D-League, it really shows how mainstream blogs on the SBNation are.  I'm impressed.  I'm hoping to bring in a couple more contributors to this blog.  If you live in a D-League city and enjoy writing, let me know.  For now, it looks like we'll have a couple new writers contributing soon!