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To: Ex NBAer Damone Brown. Re: Ouch.

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UPDATE: More from Troy Nunes in an Absolute Magician here.

Alright, so the other day a poster asked if Damone Brown might have a chance to be called-up.  I said no, because he's coming off the bench.  Now there's another reason: It looks like he could be going to jail for awhile for money laundering.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

He was arrested in Reno Thursday morning and was scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court later Thursday on a felony count of money laundering.

Brown, 29, is accused of leasing a safe deposit box at a Buffalo bank for an alleged drug kingpin to store his drug proceeds in. Authorities seized $170,000 from the box before he was arrested.

He could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Brown, who is averaging 16 points and seven rebounds thisseason for the Bighorns, has played in 39 games over four seasons in the NBA.  He holds the record for minutes played and points in the D-League, having played 163 games over six seasons in the D-League.