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It's been a long drought for me, and it's been a long drought for the League. We've gone two days without any games whatsoever. Probably not a bad idea, as all the guys had a chance to watch one of the more exciting Super Bowl games in recent memory. And then they could watch the Office afterwards, which has sort of lost its thunder. And I have failed to make some sort of thunder-related Albuquerque joke here. And that is probably for the best. Anyway, I took the weekend (and monday it seems) off from basketball. I stayed away from anything related to it outside of seeing the very end to a Pacers loss in New York. It would figure I stay away the weekend that Andrew Bynum goes down for the count and the Mad Ants end their skid against the Dakota Wizards. Not to mention ANOTHER D-Fenders upset against the Stampede, who are 6-7 on the road this year. That's not a championship team. I think I'll be changing my bid for the team to win it all this year again from Idaho to Austin. 8-1 on the road? Sign me up. Not to mention they've won three straight. On their team website, the latest news is "Toros Take Down 66ers Again." Oh, yeah...we beat them again. By a lot. This season has been nuts though. You can't take anything at all for granted.

We have two games tonight, the Ants try and defeat the Wizards again on the road. I see it as another winnable game, but Dakota has deep talent and any time coming in there is going to need to play all 48 minutes. Next up on the night is Utah at Bakersfield and again I'm going for the underdog. The Jam have lost three straight, and the Flash are 7-3 in their last 10. Fesenko is gone, but Dontell Jefferson and Ronald Dupree are having ridiculous seasons and this team is going places, whereas Bakesfield seems to be losing what made them contenders earlier on in the season.

That's really all I have today, as things have been pretty uneventful as of late. I'll be here tomorrow for tonight's recap (how confusing was that?) and this is the sound of throwing pennies on the ground.