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D-League All-Star's Have Been Announced!

Here it is!  I agree with almost everyone, except Chris Richard and Brent Petway.  I disagree with Chris Richard because of all these games he's simply stunk it up (even though he is averaging 11 points and 8 boards per game):  

Games shooting less than 50% = 7/20

Games with less than 10 rebounds = 14/20

Games with less than 10 points = 8

He's a big man, he should be better than this.

With Petway, it's not so much that he's had a bad season, it's just that there are so many better options!  Why not go with Erik Daniels (21 points, 10 boards), Marcus Williams (20 points, seven rebounds, four assists), Othyus Jeffers (20 points, nine boards), Patrick Ewing Jr (16 points, eight boards), or Renaldo Major (17 points, five boards, 3.5 assists)?  All of these guys deserve the exposure much more.

My picks for starters for the Red Team -- Maurice Baker (Dakota), Blake Ahearn (Dakota), Cartier Martin (Iowa), Richard Hendrix (Dakota), Courtney Sims (Iowa)

My picks for starters for the Blue Team -- Walker Russell (Fort Wayne), James White (Anaheim), Ronald Dupree (Utah), Antonio Meeking (Reno),  Chris Hunter (Fort Wayne)


  •  Three Michigan guys were represented (Chris Hunter, Courtney Sims, and Brent Petway)... Why hasn't Michigan been good lately?
  • Erie was not represented, despite Erik Daniels.. I think I thought he was so overrated that he's now been grotesquely underrated.  Sorry Erik.  I'll start hyping you more!
  • Los Angeles also wasn't represtented... Assuming Joe Crawford will probably end up in something for Dream Factory Friday.. Contestants will be announced Thursday at Noon, ET.
  • Three players currently on an NBA roster are represented -- Cartier Martin (Charlotte), Trey Johnson (Cleveland), and Malik Hairston (San Antonio)  -- Glad none of the assigned guys didn't make it!