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Great Job, TrueHoop & Friends...

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So, I'm a little late on blogging today (interesting week for myself...), and just now made it over to check out TrueHoop.  Turns out The TrueHoop Network, delivered a killer set of suggestions for the All-Star Game.  Among them, was this gem of ideas (NOT INCLUDING anything from Ridiculous Upside founder Ridiculous Matt, suspiciously!)

Dan Feldman, Piston Powered: Get rid of the sophomores. Would you rather see Kevin Durant and Co. beat up up on some first-year players or get a chance to see Kevin Love, Marreese Speights, Eric Gordon, Mario Chalmers and Joe Alexander in extended action?

Mike Kurylo, Knickerblogger: I’d like to see the freshmen play the NBDL All Stars. It’s become apparent that the NBDL is a viable source of NBA level talent. I think this would be a competitive game, since each has something valuable to play for. The D-Leaguers will be fighting to show that they belong in the league, and they may have an extra chip on their shoulder playing millionaire rookies.

M. Haubs, The Painted Area: Wow, Rookie vs. D-League is a fantastic idea.  Absolutely no downside.  Huge increase in the game’s intensity.

Rob Mahoney, The Two Man Game: Seems like a great way to turn nothing into something, and it’s a wonderful idea to integrate the under-appreciated D-Leaguers.

What do you think?