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Tonight In The D-League

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Colorado @ Albuquerque

Alby's got a lot of work to do to make the playoffs, and a win tonight could go a long way.  They play Tulsa four times, RGV once, and have a trip to the Central Division along with two more games against Colorado after this.  If they can overcome Colorado tonight, my pick for the best team in the league, they've got a chance to make a good run to end the season.

Matchup to Watch: Will Conroy Vs. Eddie Gill/John Lucas: Conroy had a triple-double, including 35 points, but I'm assuming that Coach MacKinnon will want to change that tonight.  Gill and Lucas were held to a combined 8-of-23 shooting, ten assists and five turnovers.  Should be interesting to see what changes each team has made.  One thing I'm assuming won't change?  A Colorado victory.

Rio Grande Vallley @ Idaho

Idaho should win this one, and I don't think it'll be much trouble.  Idaho looked great last night and RGV looked terrible against Colorado recently.

Matchup to watch: Brent Petway vs. Jawad Williams - I'm not sure how Idaho's going to matchup with, particularly Williams.  Idaho's been starting Jawai and Lance Allred at the posts, but RGV's been playing Williams at the four technically, but he hasn't had his back to the basket often.  Considering Petway's known as an excellent defender, and Williams is the only piece of RGV that's really going to put the ball in the basket, this will be interesting.  I'm assuming Williams will defend Jawai on defense, which should be just as interesting.  If Jawai gets the task of defending Williams as well, don't expect Jawai to play more than 30 minutes and not foul out.

Sioux Falls @ Utah

The Skyforce have lost four of their last five, but it could be turned around tonight if Utah doesn't get good play from the point guard position.

Matchup to watch: I'd like to see Skyforce Coach Nate Tibbetts unleash Bobby Jones on Mo Almond, but instead I'm going to guess a shootout between Frank Williams and Mo Almond.  Neither are known for their defense, but I wouldn't be surprised of both have at least 25 points this game.  If Jones is on Almond, though, Utah could be in trouble.