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DJ White, Darnell Jackson assigned to the D-League

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The Cleveland Cavaliers assigned Darnell Jackson to the D-League for a second time, for tonight's game at home against Austin. I'm going to assume this will be another one-night only assignment for him. This should help Erie out though against a tough opponent, so cheers to Cleveland!

The other assignment is one that's been in the works for awhile, as DJ White, now apparently cleared to start working out, has been assigned to Tulsa.  White, the 29th pick in the draft this year, joins a stacked Tulsa team that would be on it's way to the playoffs if it weren't for the worst record in the D-League.  Tulsa now could start Shaun Livingston at the point, Gary Forbes at the 2, Keith Clark at the 3 (iffy), DJ White at the four, and Herbert Hill in the middle.  That'd be a great bench for the Oklahoma City Thunder to have next season!