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In the League: March 3, 2009

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Colorado 124, Dakota 112  -  Well it looks like I was wrong on this one. The Wizards are slipping. They've lost 3 straight and have won only 4 of their last 10. And I look at their roster and I just don't understand it. The Wizards magically turned the ball over 26 times in this one. Maurice Baker ended with more turnovers (6) than field goals (5). Even Blake Ahearn had 5 of his own. However Blake was a saving grace as usual with 22 points and 6 dimes. Rod Benson and Richard Hendrix had their usual awesome games in tow. Rod with 12 and 12 and Richard Hendrix with 21 and 11 (again, Golden State has the most flawed decision making skills in basketball - and this is coming from a league that includes a team that agreed to trade Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol). Dakota was without Hamed Haddadi and Renaldo Major and it showed as the Wiz didn't have the heart for this one. Colorado snapped their two game skid and looked as great as ever. Dominique Coleman is getting my NOD OF THE NIGHT with a near triple double of 24 points, 9 boards, 8 dimes, and 3 steals for good measure. Coleman's been putting up nice numbers this season. Hint hint. Newcomer John Lucas led all scorers with 29 and had 3 robberies in the win and Josh Davis and Billy Thomas both picked up 19 points a piece and succeeded in having the most boring names on the court. Nice win for the 14ers. HEY COLORADIANS (that can't be right), GO SEE THE 14ERS PLAY. You people have it so good.

Lots of movement yesterday. Iowa has JamesOn Curry back ON their squad. Hopefully you remember JamesOn. He was a beast for the Energy last season, a 20 point scorer. His name is great to make jokes with. And he urinates in public. We do a lot of talking about names here at RU. It's kind of sad really. Probably because we have bland names. Austin has DerMarr Johnson back as well. Yes, DerMarr was a bust. A number 6 pick that didn't pan out for the Hawks. But he has many other good qualities. For one, he's the godbrother of Michael Beasley. He also took Marcus Williams' spot on the Spurs last season (TRAVESTY). And he's a bad driver. Just awful. The worst. And for some reason the Bighorns traded Antonio Meeking to the Thunderbirds for David Noel. Whom Reno decided they did not want. Sounds fair to me.

Tonight we've got 3 games, and I'm liking the Iowa-Sioux Falls matchup. My pick is Iowa, and it's very likely I'll be wrong again.