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Wednesday's Albuquerque @ Dakota game postponed due to blizzard AND flood

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Just got this email from Mike Offerdahl, the Dakota Wizards Grand Poobah of PR:

Due to the weather conditions, flooding and travel issues, the Dakota Wizards game originally scheduled for tomorrow night (March 25, 2009) against the Albuquerque Thunderbirds has been postponed. The game has been rescheduled for Sunday March 29, 2009 - tip-off set for 7:00 PM CT. All tickets purchased for tomorrow's game can be used for the date of the rescheduled match up.

It's bad.  Really bad.

As some of you know, I spend the majority of my time in lovely Bismarck, North Dakota.  Today, after procrastinating for a bit, I went to a local business to try apply for a job, needing something to pay the bills until I can continue on in my career - hopefully using my degree before I have to use it as burning material to keep myself warm!  Anyway, the business was closed "due to inclement weather".  Lovely.

If you've never been in the metropolis that is Bismarck, or anywhere else where schools close one day  due to massive flooding so that they can help sandbag and the next day because of blizzarding conditions, I invite you to come to Bismarck.  We can watch the Wizards, have a beer, and enjoy the weather.  Don't worry, I've got plenty of time to hang out - you can stay all week! (HOLD ON! This just in.  I'm going to find an Allegiant Flight for cheap to Phoenix so I can hang out with Phoenix Stan and @bjyork!)

Here are some pictures of the nonsense, some courtesy of Mike Offerdahl, who refused to go swimming dressed as Dunkie to show just how bad it is for all of my wonderful readers (due to his injurious nature, I can't blame him, even though I'm fairly certain Vance Palm or Brett Hansen would have loved the opportunity!).


The blizzarding and flooding at the same time creates beautiful pictures like this!


Notice the porta-potty!


This is a field, not a lake