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D-Lightful links: Mike Taylor FTW + stuff

UPDATE: WAIT! HOLD THE PRESSES! WE GOT A BIG STORY! HUGE! THE D-LEAGUE HASN'T EVEN PICKED IT UP YET! ZOMG!  Sun Yue, according to, suffered a sprained ankle at a D-Fenders practice on Monday.  Looks like Sun Yue will be out for the D-League season.  Devastating blow to whoever pimps Sun Yue on the main page of Sun Yue!

No games last night, but the number of fan posts we put up were staggering for the day.  Thus, we're going to do something new today.  Some links.  Let me know if I should consider this as a weekly thing to replace the recaps once a week.  (Today, I'm just going to keep updating this... too much stuff happening!)

  • Mike Taylor set the league on fire last night.  Taylor, the first D-League player to be drafted into the NBA, hung 35 points on the Knicks in 140-135 Clippers overtime victory.  Taylor also added eight boards in his 36 minutes off the bench.  D-League! Hooah!
  • Pro Basketball News has been doing some features on D-Leaguer's recently.  I like them, regardless if it's a bit of competition for myself.  I know you love me, so go there, but then come back.  Daily.  Thanks.  Anyway, yesterday, Wesley Chism Jr., (hopefully no relation to Tennessee Vol Wayne Chism, who I hate more than the state of Utah and it's collective basketball teams) did a great general piece on his love of the D-League - check it out.
  • The Iowa Energy's radio announcer, Marty Tirrell, will likely no longer be the Iowa Energy's radio announcer after dropping the f-bomb 12 times while his mic was on.  Ouch.  Audio here (Not safe for work, but funny).
  • Next, we'll look at some mainstream mentioning of the D-League - Adrian Wojnahowthehelldoyoupronouncethis broke the biggest story of the day and it involved three paragraphs of D-League loveliness (Search "Nick Nurse" and it'll getcha there)!
  • good look at Dominique Coleman and his path from a pedestrian senior season at Colorado to the basketball mecca known as Finland and finally back to Colorado to play for the 14ers.  Which part made me LOL?  "I feel so bad for that team," a 14ers ball boy said of the awful Arsenal.
  • Malik Hairston has been re-assigned to the Austin Toros. San Antonio assigned Malik Hairston to the Austin Toros after he appeared in 15 Spurs games.  He's listed as a G/F on the Toros roster, so I assume he'll replace Ezra Williams in the starting lineup. Their next game is Saturday at Sioux Falls.  UPDATE: I haven't seen this anywhere official yet, but the Toros have reportedly waived DerMarr Johnson to make room for Hairston.  (From Jon L). My thoughts - Fort Worth used to send 4 NBAer's at a time (seriously) when they had the chance to cripple the Wizards playoff dreams, now Austin does this in time for a Monday tilt in Dakota with Dakota clinging to the playoffs.  Texas is apparently jealous North Dakota is better.  That's all.  -- Ridiculous Scott
  • Duane Rankin, the Erie Bayhawks beat reporter, looks at Quincy Douby's effect on the Bayhawks and their chemistry.  Erie lost four of five games while Douby played in Erie, but I think it should be a non-story.  The D-League, first and foremost, is a development league.  To me, it's much more rewarding when a player gets a call-up, from the hometown team.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I was asked to contribute to the Pete Marasmitch Ultimate Scouting Report - Quincy Douby Edition.  Check it out.  It includes much better stuff from Tom Ziller (FanhouseSactown Royalty) than myself, which makes me think I'm moving up in the world if we're both contributing on the same things!