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Reno Bighorns Avert Craziness

Yesterday, the Reno Bighorns averted disaster.  No, Damone Brown wasn't acquitted of being an accomplice to a drug dealer back in New York.  Not even close.

Reno traded big ol' Antonio Meeking for David Noel, a former second round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks.  This isn't what saved them however.  Meeking was averaging 17.5 points and eight boards, Noel was averaging 18 points, six boards, four assists.  Good trade. Pretty even, and will more than likely get Patrick Ewing Jr. some starter's minutes, as he's seeming more like a good basketball player everytime I see him.

When Reno made this trade, however, they also (thankfully) released a player.  That player: Dave Noel.  No, not David, just Dave.  Dave's a pretty good player, a rookie averaging 10 points off the bench for the Bighorns.  Nonetheless, they waived him due to injury.  I still haven't figured out what 'waived due to injury' entails, as Garry Hill-Thomas rejoined Reno within a week after being waived, so it doesn't exactly have to be anything serious.  Thus, I'm going to go with bruised ego.  I don't think a player named Dave Noel is going to mesh well with a former NBA player named David Noel.

Regardless, if he is brought back, what do the jersey's say?