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Rod Benson Traded to Reno

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[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 03/04/09 1:14 PM CST ]

Update 3:  This is official.  Rod was on the plane to Vegas this morning.

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 03/03/09 6:59 PM CST ]

Update 2.  Rod took the tweet down.


[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 03/03/09 4:58 PM CST ]

UPDATE: This is, according to everyone I've heard from, unofficial.  Simply an update from Rod's twitter account..  Would be great if this turns out to be a Rod Benson month-before-April-Fool's Special.  Regardless, I'm assuming it'll become official in the next few days a la the James White Call-Up three day's later.

Speaking of Twitter, the only D-League Twitterer, Rod "Boom Tho" Benson, has been traded to Reno.

Does this make sense? I don't know, as I don't know what's going back to Dakota.  Benson seemed to be in Duane Ticknor's dog house (Started just one of 22 games since returning to Dakota), and heard earlier this season that he wasn't having fun.  Benson is talented,so it might just be a chemistry move.  Dakota needed to trade one of it's big men, as all four were starting quality and in need of big minutes: Richard Hendrix, Hamed Hadaddi and Will Frisby are the ohers.

Reno now may have the most names ever acquired on a D-League roster:

Rod Benson -- "Boom Tho" blogs on Yahoo!, makes t-shirts, videos, pretends to rap

Majic Dorsey -- Former streetballer, featured in And1 video game

Patrick Ewing, Jr.  -- Son of Patrick Ewing, went to Knicks camp

Richie Frahm -- Has played 140 games in the NBA, started two games for the Clippers last season, stud for Gonzaga when Gonzaga was the cool new thing

David Noel -- Second round NBA draft pick, won an NCAA championship

Gerry McNamara -- Went to Syracuse for 45 years, was a stud, won an NCAA championship

Russell Robinson -- Went to Kansas, won an NCAA championship

Alton Ford -- Second round pick by the Suns in 2001 NBA draft, 73 career NBA games

Jay Humphries (coach) -- '84 first round pick of the Suns, 557 career starts in the NBA

Lots of names, but currently 13-20 on the season.