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Recapping last night in the D-League

As a precursor, since Ben missed recaps yesterday, I'd like to commend Erik Daniels on his triple double a couple days ago.  Daniels had 30 points, 23 boards, and 10 assists.  No joke.  True, the opposing 66ers had no player taller than 6'8", but still.  Impressive.

Anaheim lost to Los Angeles, 108-103.  It went to overtime.  The crowd wasn't into it however, as of the 30 or so fans, most of them there to see Sun Yue it seemed, they focused on a guy sleeping, wearing a tie twice in overtime.  Sun Yue's big debut wasn't good.  First, in the original box score, he was referenced as Brandan Wright.  Now, in the post-game box score, it shows he started, but got a DNP.  Perfect reasoning as to why this hybrid model will work out perfect.  LA just doesn't care enough about their D-League team.  Yue's DNP might look better than his actual line, as he scored 11 points on 4-for-15 shooting.  Ouch.  Joe Crawford had 19 points before fouling out.  For Anaheim, Cedric Bozeman had 22 points and 14 assists - I'm falling in love with his game.  Marcus Campbell also had a great game, with 17 points, 18 rebounds, and seven assists.  I've been the president of his fan club since last season, when I said he should have been the sixth overall pick (Disclaimer, I liked Jesse Smith as a 6th round steal last year as well, so maybe the Dakota trade will work out).  Don't worry, though, it's not too late to join Campbell's fan club, as I'm still looking for a treasurer.  Kedrick Brown added 24 points and five fouls.

Erie beat Sioux Falls, 122-113.  This game didn't go into overtime.  The Bayhawks were led by Tony Bethel.  I have no idea who he is or where he came from, but he had 32 points.  Maureece Rice stayed hot, flirting with a triple double with 24 points, 12 boards, and nine assists.  Erik Daniels did his usual damage, racking up another double-double with 20 points and 11 assists.  Sioux Falls was led by Frank Williams, who scored 23 points and Kasib Powell with 22.  Big Chris Ellis, who is growing on me, had 11 rebounds.  This was a high scoring game, which is rare when the teams combine for 54 fouls.

Utah defeated Albuquerque, 102-94.  Ronald Dupree, who should be talked about more here at RU, scored 19 points, had 11 boards, and seven assists.  He's due for his yearly call-up soon.  For Albuquerque, 6'6" 260 pound Jasper Johnson continued his torrid pace, scoring 19 points and grabbing 11 boards.  He's due to head overseas and make a lot of money.  A lot.  The matchup I was focused on however was Will Conroy vs. Dontell Jefferson.  I don't believe DJ gets enough credit, and tonight, it showed.  He held the league's leading scorer to 18 points on 6-for-15 shooting, six turnovers compared to just four assists, and Conroy fouled out to boot.  Jefferson, meanwhile, scored 19 points, dished nine assists with three turnovers, and led his team to a victory over the recently red hot Thunderbirds.

Fort Wayne lost to Reno, 101-92.  Reno was led by David Noel, who had 23 points and six boards in his Reno debut against his former teammates.  Patrick Ewing Jr. was impressive, with 21 points, 13 boards, and six (eek!) turnovers in his fifth start of the season.  "Too Much Number 17"  Rod Benson also made his debut, scoring 11 points, grabbing eight boards, and swatting four shots, off the bench.  Fort Wayne was led by Chris Hunter, who scored 24 points and grabbed 10 boards.  Walker Russell had 12 points, five assists, and seven turnovers.  Seems that while they have near-identical records with 14 wins and 20/21 losses, these two teams are quickly headed in opposite directions.  Fort Wayne needs some help.  Fast.  Luckily, I hear Mohammed Sene, Shaun Livingston, and Quincy Douby are all entering the D-League pool soon.  Jeff, pick one of these guys up, or take the bench, or hire me, or something.  Yes we can!

NOTES: While I didn't watch the whole Reno-Fort Wayne game (tried, but Reno's otherwise wonderful futurecast has freezing issues every five minutes), I, as usual, didn't understand Jaren Jackson's substition system.  Taj (or Ty, then later Chainsaw (seriously) by the announcers) McCullough played just 21 minutes, Anthony Kent got his second start in 30 games (and played 37(!) minutes),  and their best perimeter player, Ron Howard, had his minutes decreased to 32 after averaging 43 over the past four games.