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Jazz Assign Kyrylo Fesenko, Mo Almond to the D-League

Quoting the immortal Etta James: At last.  After I hinted at this awhile ago, the Jazz have finally assigned Almond and Fesenko to the D-League.  I am under the assumption that these two will be rotated with Kosta Koufos the remainder of the season in Orem.

Utah now has a stacked lineup, with five, six, maybe even seven players that should go on to play a couple seasons in the NBA.

The backcourt includes Dontell Jefferson, the best defender in the D-League, Kevin Kruger, who has had looks with the Bucks and Magic the past two preseasons, and now Mo Almond, who dominated the D-League last season.  The three-spot belongs to Ronald Dupree, who has 154 games of NBA experience and is getting hot right now, and the bigs include Fesenko, James Lang whose potential is about as high as his cholesterol (I kid, he's slimming down as of late).  Add to that the possibility of Boston assigning one JR Giddens again, and this team is going to be infused with talent at just the right time.

Aside from this, I wonder if the Jazz would consider trying the hybrid model?  I know that Brandt Andersen loves being an owner (Mark Cuban-esque) and has plenty of money, but I'm sure that extra exposure wouldn't hurt.