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Farewell, Fellow D-League Afficianado's

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Hey Guys (and Gals),

It's with a heavy heart this morning that I write this to you - in fact, I thought about going out quietly, like my predecessor, the great Ridiculous Matt.  However, I've enjoyed my time here, blogging about the D-League and Sun Yue, and wanted to say good bye.  Unfortunately, I think it's time that I let you all go on your merry way as soon as I get my final D-League call-up rankings finished.

See, when I came to this blog initially, it was a lot more funny, much better written, and I didn't spend the majority of my waking hours working on making it the best D-League blog on the internet.  What can I say, I thrive when faced with competition.

The conversations last week about Rod Benson and his blogging got me thinking.  If Rod's blogging, tweeting, et cetera is really looked at as that big of a negative from my constiuency of random commenters and Boom Tho fanboy's, I can't imagine what NBA GM's are thinking about his blogging.

That's when it hit me.  The CBA folded on February 2nd, nearly two months ago this morning.  Since then, my bank account deposits have been few and far between, stemming from a couple of stringing assignments for the Bismarck Tribune and a nice income tax refund that allowed myself to pay the bills that had accumulated since my post as Director of Operations for the Minot SkyRocket's had become dormant.

If Benson's blogging is really looked at so negatively when it has little to do with his chosen profession of playing professional basketball, how does it look for myself to be blogging about minor league basketball?  My major is Sports Management and my minor is Journalism.  I'm blogging about the same two career paths that I've been applying to, day after day.  

Seriously, I've applied for at least two jobs a day, with very few call back's.  It's discouraging.  With a four year degree and experience in both newspaper writing and basketball team management, I assumed I'd be hireable.  Since I haven't been hired, I am going to take the easy way out, as my resume clearly shows that I'm worthy of a call-up, and the only thing that can be holding me back must be this blog, where I can voice my opinion on topics, even though I've never been anti-anything I've applied for.

This could be a brief hiatus, it could be long; I guess I'll just have to see where my next step takes me and if it allows me to continue blogging about what I'm passionate.  I've had a lot of fun over the past (4? 5? 6?) months, and met and talked to a lot of great people, so I really hope I am able to once again join you all in the blogosphere.

Alas, farewell for now, old friends.




Ridiculous Scott Schroeder

P.S. My email can be found in my profile.  I look forward to keeping in touch, when my time allows for it.

P.P.S. Happy April Fool's Day!