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Friday Morning Bullets: Like an iPod Shuffle... Random

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  • Alright. I'm in Bismarck. Jon L is in Austin. We have people from Utah. Who do we know in Broomfield? I would love nothing more than to eat a meal with Freddy Finals.
  • The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette did a little rundown on the Mad Ants. What they found was both really good and really bad. First, the good: For the second straight season the Mad Ants led the league in attendance, averaging just more than 4,000 fans per game. Next, the bad: Of the 287 combined days of their two D-League seasons, the Mad Ants have been last in their division for 221. Also, they will come in with their third coach in three years. Zoinkz!
  • A look back at the Stampede season from the Idaho Statesman reminds us that this is the Development League and Idaho did win the championship last season, so there isn't a lot to be mad about it. No mention of Joel or Randy though, which disappointed me.
  • Since David Bell scored 34 points last night and you don't even know he looks like, here's a little video put together by a local news station. Deserving.
  • The Cedar Rapids Gazette has a nice profile on Kurt Looby, who came out of nowhere this season for the RGV Vipers. According to the article, Looby has "eight or nine invites from NBA teams for Summer League."
  • Here's a nice video recap of the Toros-Stampede game from Wednesday night. Quin, in a word, you look frazzled. Also, what's "CYO and biddy-ball"?
  • Joey Brackets published an email from one of his readers with this little tidbit included: For example, should David Stern start including D-league division or conference champions in the NBA playoffs? Aren't they as "deserving" as Morehead State or Radford (I think there's more parity between the D-league and the NBA as compared to UNC and Morehead State)? Wow. Wouldn't this be fun? I'd like to see a D-League All-Star team (chosen by RU, so Erik Daniels, the walking double-double, doesn't make it) face the worst team in the NBA. I think it'd be pretty competitive.
  • Well wouldn't this make Monday's game all the more interesting? KOUFOS CALL-UP?: With Okur and Miles sidelined and Kosta Koufos and Morris Almond both playing for the Utah Flash, the Jazz only dressed 11 players Tuesday in L.A. Because of their injury situation, the Jazz have considered recalling Koufos, their seldom-used rookie center, up from his D-League assignment. "We don't know yet," Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor said. "It's a thought that we've had." The Flash play their second-round game at home Monday, between Games 1 and 2 of the Jazz-Lakers series. I guess it'd give us a good opportunity to see the Flash's uber-deep bench!
  • Jawann McClellan, the Dakota Wizards rookie earlier this year, is now retired due to knee injuries. INTERESTING.
  • There's apparently some new high-tech software for replay's that will be tried out for the D-League finals. Cool, but I think it's safe to say I'd rather have a buffer-free Futurecast. Heck, I'd rather have an Iowa futurecast that didn't cut to instant replays that took up the next two plays!
  • This is my new favorite music video (Disclaimer: Not mid 90's WWF or D-League related. Also, it has swear words in it.) It brings my third and fourth favorite things though - rap music and Saved By The Bell references. There's also a Razor Ramon and Tim Duncan reference, so it belongs.
  • Utah readers: I have an offer you simply cannot refuse! There are currently roundtrip airfare tickets for $244.40 from here to SLC, Saturday through Tuesday. I can afford that. I can't afford the sleeping arrangements. I'll live blog from your couch for a day and a half, set up luncheons with D-League players, and talk about Kyle Korver if you give up your bed. Think about it.