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Thaddeus Young out 'til playoffs: Who wants a 10-day?

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The Philadelphia 76er's Thaddeus Young is out until at least the playoffs after trying to block a Josh Smith shot, landing awkwardly and spraining his ankle.  According to this article, the Sixer's could look D-League:

If Thad is out for any kind of period, it probably would make sense to bring someone in who is at that swing position," said Sixer's GM Ed Stefanski, noting that the 6-8 Young, a second-year NBA player out of Georgia Tech, not only has been starting at the 4 but logging some minutes at the 3.  "We've been scouting the [D-League] all year. Guys are out there. We have a lit that we keep reviewing."

Hopefully by "lit" he is reffering to a D-League blog.  I know I'm 0-for-46 on these because the NBA doesn't read me, but I'm going to give them one more chance.  Mr. Stefanski, here's your chance to look at a cheap player for next season and improve your bench for the playoff push.  Listen up.

As far as swingmen that can play a bit at the 4 go, there are two great D-League options.  Allow me to break them down for you!

Plan A: Josh Davis - Don't act like you didn't think I was going to put him in this slot. I feel like Marty Blake right now, but Davis is a player you need to see in person. Davis is a hard worker, has a sweet stroke, is too quick to guard in the post, but too much of a shooter to leave him alone on the perimeter. When Davis is on the court, you can tell he's working his butt off. Love his game.

Davis is a 6'8" tweener, but definitely serviceable as either a small forward or pick-and-pop/slashing power forward that can dominate in the post against a slower defender. In the month of March, Davis averaged 19.6 points and 6.9 boards (in 32 minutes), but shot an incredible 47% from beyond the arc, along with a very efficient 52% from the field. He's the glue guy on a loaded D-League team - don't pay attention to the numbers, but rather the percentages.

Bonus points: In 2004-05, Davis played 42 games with the Sixers, starting five.

Plan B: Jawad Williams, RGV - the other day I ranked him sixth in the call-up rankings.  He's a great fit for Philly, though, as Jon pointed out to me in an earlier Email.  Williams is a 6'9" combo-forward that can score.  He's not going to contribute much else to your team, but he will contribute points.  Lots and lots, from all over the court.  Since coming to the D-League after a couple of stints with the Cleveland Cav's, Williams is tearing the league up.  Williams is averaging 25.5 points and shooting 45% from beyond the arc.