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Last night in the D-League

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I would have loved to watch the games last night.   Unfortunately, I couldn't.  Fort Wayne's Futurecast was the worst I've ever seen so I quit watching.  I don't know if Fort Wayne had issues, or it was the fact that three games were on at the same time, but it was unwatchable.  D-League, hit me up.  Let's talk through the issues.

Go here for box scores.  I'd send you to recaps as well, but only two of the four have recaps as of this writing (the other two are coming soon, apparently, but it can't be that hard to write a recap on a game that finished up 8 hours before I wrote this).

Anyway, couple of bullet points in lieu of recaps (Futurecast was terrible) to share with you, faithful Saturday morning reader:

  • Othella Harrington is getting lots of love! Despite having his best game in the D-League last night with 5 points, six boards and three turnovers, there were two stories about him yesterday, here and here.  He's an old Sun Yue!
  • The Idaho Stampede are retiring the #32 in honor of Randy Livingston.  In typical Idaho style, the first 500 fans will get a free beer koozie.  Love it.
  • The Bayhawks beat LA, edging closer to the playoffs - the Central is tough!
  • Dakota gave up 21 offensive boards and allowed Chris Hunter to score 33 points and grab 16 boards, losing 100-92, in what should have been a gimme for the Wizards.
  • Colorado lost!  Josh Davis had 28 points and six boards but still they lost.  Tulsa was led by DJ White and Kyle Weaver, who both played very well, showing they belong in the NBA!
  • Albuquerque lost by 20.  Utah's really good - they've got themselves a playoff spot, according to DeeJay, their number one fan.

Sorry nothing more detailed, but Futurecast was terrible, and thus, I wasn't able to watch much D-League basketball.  Hopefully, the playoffs aren't this bad, or I'm going to have to become Patty Playoffs or whatever they're calling it and spend some of my hard earned dollars!!