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Here's Your Preview!

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I'll be at the Battle of the  Dakota's game, so watch for me free and live on Futurecast!  If you're bored, try figuring out the playoff scenarios.  I asked Billy Gillespie, but he has no clue.

Utah @ Los Angeles - Utah's clinched a spot in the playoffs, but they're still fighting for playoff positioning.  They're currently in first in the West Division, but a couple of losses could take them out of the division lead and put them on the road in the first round.  If Utah's able to keep rollin' with JR Giddens, Straight Killin' Kosta Koufos and Mo Almond, that's going to be a scary team come playoff time.

Tulsa @ Fort Wayne - This game doesn't matter, unfortunately.  Fort Wayne just beat Dakota Friday though, so they're still playing hard.  Tulsa just lost DJ White and Kyle Weaver, so they're probably ready to throw in the towel.  If you watch this game, concentrate on Chris Hunter and Walker Russell - If this world is fair, Hunter will get a call-up.

Iowa @ Rio Grande Valley - Iowa's got a chance to knock RGV out of the playoffs officially in this game.  Iowa's also got the chance to continue the squandering away of the Central Division.  It seems to me, when John Edwards plays terrible, they lose.  When John Edwards is a non-factor, they win.  John Edwards is the first big tall awkward white guy I'm not a fan of, which takes a lot (Once owned a Luc Longley Bulls jersey, recently bought both Les Jepsen rookie cards).  Kurt Looby is the player to watch - he's the anti-Edwards - Hustling all the time, blocking shots, working to get better.  Love it.

Albuquerque @ Reno - In hopes of clearing up the playoff positioning, I'm going for a bounce back game from Team Boom Tho.  Reno won last night, but Rod Benson had his worst game since moving to Reno.  Should be a fun matchup with Mo Sene matching up with Boom Tho.  This game probably won't be exciting, unfortunately.

Sioux Falls @ Dakota - Another game that would really help the playoff positioning get cleared up a bit, if Dakota wins.  If not, it's going to get ugl(y, ier)  Sioux Falls played terrible last night and bussed up to beautiful North Dakota until around 5 am this morning.  Dakota played terrible Friday night and flew home yesterday morning.  Lot of interesting matchups in this game, but the wings should take over.  Romel Beck/Renaldo Major vs. Kasib Powell could be fun to watch, if all are healthy, which has been a rarity this season.

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