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Playoff Implications Abundant Tonight

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<strong>Will Conroy </strong>wants you (to know a Thunderbird is probably getting a call-up today).
Will Conroy wants you (to know a Thunderbird is probably getting a call-up today).

Albuquerque @ Colorado - Albuquerque needs to win this game to keep their destiny pretty much in their hands.  Colorado needs to win the next two games to clinch homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs.  Colorado is stacked.  Albuquerque has Will Conroy, who seems to be NBA-bound tomorrow (details coming later).  Best hope for Albuquerque is a split, with a win tonight.

Reno @ Austin - My esteemed colleague, Jon L, will be at this game, so look for him where ever credentialed bloggers sit while watching on Futurecast.  If Reno loses, they're out of the playoffs.  If Reno wins, they're still basically out of the playoffs.  According to Rod Benson's Twitter: "in the doctors office awaiting x ray results on my left hand."  That doesn't bode well for the road team.  Neither does the fact that Marcus Williams, Demarcus Nelson and Malik Hairston make up their back court - whoever David Noel isn't guarding is going to go off.

Los Angeles @ Utah - LA is out.  Utah is in.  Not quite as exciting of a game, save for Utah bolstering an NBAish lineup.  Los Angeles used to bolster Sun Yue and Othella Harrington.