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Painting the Playoff Picture

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Since we're close enough for me to semi-comprehend the possible playoff possibilities, that's what we're going to do start this thrilling Thursday.  It's not going to be funny, Joel, but that's okay, because it's going to be informative - RU's number one priority (behind our upcoming Sun Yue for Governor of California movement)!

First, let's look at the current standings, with all those involved, courtesy of commenter hkf.

1. Colorado 34-13 (clinched best overall record, homecourt advantage throughout)
2. Idaho 30-18 (clinched playoff berth)
3. Iowa 27-22 (clinched playoff berth)
4. Austin 30-18 (clinched playoff berth)
5. Utah 29-18 (clinched playoff berth)
6. Dakota 26-23 (clinched playoff berth)

7. Bakersfield 26-23
8. Erie 25-23
9. Sioux Falls 24-24

Sioux Falls is out if Erie wins tonight.

Erie still has a chance to clinch the Division - if they win out and Iowa and Dakota lose tonight.

Bakersfield - win and they're in.  Lose, and they're still more than likely in.

Albuquerque and Reno aren't necessarily out, but it'd take a miracle of Sun Yue proportions to keep them alive - including 2 Erie losses to a Chris Hunter-less Fort Wayne team.