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Albuquerque's Mouhamed Saer Sene Called-up to the Knicks

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Sene FT
Sene FT

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 04/09/09 11:36 AM CDT ] It's official.

Mouhamed Saer Sene, the 10th overall pick of the Seattle Supersonics in 2006, has been called up to the New York Knicks from the D-League.

Sene, who was playing with the Albuquerque Thunderbirds of the NBA D-League, averaged 10 points, 10.4 boards and a tremendous 3.7 blocks per game.  He's still extremely raw, especially on offense - if he scores, it'll be because of an awkward little hook shot he's been working on or wide open dunks, usually on the offensive board.  

On defense, he's extremely raw as well, but I'll take nearly four blocks a game, even he goaltends a couple every game as well.  The 7-foot center has a ridiculous wingspan (7'8 1/2") which leads to a lot of shot changing and blocks (6 blocks, 3 goaltends, numberous shot-altering's last night), and the goaltending can be fixed.  Often, he gets so excited when a player comes into the lane he kind of puts his head down to try and defend.  By the time he realizes with his wingspan he can block nearly any shot, it sometimes is too late, thus the goaltends.

Overall, I was more impressed with him than Cheikh Samb, who was also with the Knicks earlier this season.  I wouldn't assume he's given a chance, as he's more raw than Courtney Sims and Joe Crawford, the Knicks other two 10-dayer's who've combined for two minutes of in-game action.  He is definitely worth a look this Summer - could end up being a cheap, shot blocking, athletic defender, as he still has plenty of potential.  If nothing else, the Knicks are good at putting together fun to watch Vegas Summer League teams.