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Big Night in the D-League

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[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 04/09/09 6:57 PM CDT ] We're liveblogging.  Keep up in the comments.  Should be a dandy.  Contribute if you're cool.

Hopefully I'm writing this early enough to let all parties involved that Futurecast needs to be working tonight, and working well.  If you shut it down all last night so I didn't have to get stuck with a frozen Marty Tirrell and his scarf with audio for 20 minute intervals tonight, thanks Futurecast Team.  If not, I'm breaking something.

Reno @ Los Angeles - LA has the chance to play spoiler this game.   They beat Utah the other night to all but guarantee that the Flash won't be picking their opponent. Tonight, they can knock Team Boom Tho out of the playoffs.  In my dream scenario, Sun Yue would return from injury to swat a Rod Benson jumper off the backboard as time expires and the game will come down to a Marat Kogut team huddle.  It'll be controversial, yes, but awesome.

In other, uber-related news, Rod Benson breaks the arms of high school girls! And he blogs! About breaking high school girls arms!  Zoinkz!  No call-up now, right, JRose?

Dakota @ Iowa - This game is huge.  Huge.  Biggest game ever in Iowa Energy history, actually, according to the lovely graphic on their website.  Whichever team wins clinches a playoff berth and is put in the driver seat of the Central Division (home playoff game, pick the opponent).  Whichever team loses could be knocked out of the playoffs if they lose the next night.  It could get ugly.  I'm going to break it down for you - if Dakota's wings play well and they limit Demetris Nichols, they'll win.  If Iowa is able to somehow find a big man that can compete with Rich Hendrix and Nichols shoots the lights out, they'll win.  More in-depth preview here - Thanks "Captain" Lou Babiarz!

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