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Saturday Non-NBA News and Notes (Okay, some NBA)

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Scott expressed a desire to handle more player profiles, so I'll be taking on the non-profile duties for awhile.  Switch!  I'm going to ease into this with some bullets from around the D-League and Summer League.  Let's go!

2007 D-League player and current Boston Celtic Gabe Pruitt will be in Orlando this year.  He hasn't gotten a ton of playing time this year, but wisened NBA veteran Rajan Rondo likes the progress he's made on his game.  I'm actually kind of curious as to why Pruitt didn't play in the D-League again this past season, especially since Boston has been pretty set at guard, though the article suggests that it could be to let him learn Boston's plays, which he wouldn't necessarily have done with the Flash.

Austin Daye's name has been mentioned around here, but BuffZag at the Gonzaga blog The Slipper Still Fits thinks his teammates Jeremy Pargo and Micah Downs could join the D-League next year.

John Wall has apparently narrowed his college list to Duke, Miami and Kentucky.  Yawn.

Here's a brief interview with San Antonio Spurs/Austin Toros center Ian French.  Babelfish tells me that his ankle still feels a little uncomfortable in the mornings, that Mahinmi will be in Vegas for Summer League and gives me the phrase "The life is not summarized with the tennis shoe."

An article about U-Conn center Hasheem Thabeet working on improving his game in advance of the NBA Draft.  Of note to us is that D-League coach Scott Roth is working with him.  To quote the article, Roth specializes in "helping big men make the transition to the pros."  Here's a question: will Jeremy Tyler be able to work with a guy like Roth in Europe?

Speaking of Europe, DraftExpress took a recent look at Brandon Jennings.  Bottom line: he's been productive when he's played, but he's barely played.  He also has shot 38 percent from the field and still can improve his point guard skills, mostly because he hasn't played point guard much.  This is where I insert the disclaimer that neither I nor Scott (I think?) are opposed to players going to play in Europe, but...Jennings would likely have been playing the point, and more consistently, in the D-League. (I'm in this same boat as well... But I would prefer special cases like this go D-League rather than overseas, for this exact reason. -- Scott)