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Scott Schroeder Now Blogging for Ridiculous Upside

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You: Wait, who's Scott Schroeder?

Me: It's still me, Ridiculous Scott, now just using my actual name.

You: Why would you do this?  We loved Ridiculous Matt, and you weren't bad either... Though it may have just been the name...

Me: I know.  Still, my real name has always been in my profile anyway, so I figured may as well put it on the front page.  Unless you think 'Ridiculous Scott' was more credible...

Well, now that our little awkard dialogue is finished (is it bad when I mention awkward dialogue, I think about the Vanilla Gorilla himself, Joel Abelson?), I'll give you a little more insight into this name change.

My colleague (I have colleagues), BigBlueShoe over at Stampede Blue, showed very well why a pseudonym is perfectly fine as a writer on a recent radio interview with the IndyStar's Bob Kravitz and crew.  Still, some disagree.

Wednesday I was pointed to this article by Kravitz.  He said some things about bloggers few will agree with when reading good blogs, such as these excerpts:

[...] dominated by the writings of people who hide behind ridiculous pseudonyms like Big Blue Shoe and Deshawn Zombie.

But who are these people writing in Stampede Blue and  Again, weenies.  We're becoming a culture of weenies.  We hide behind technology that makes one-way conversations possible.

Simply ludicrous, but whatevz.  If it makes me seem less ridiculous if I put my real name on the front page instead of my "ridiculous pseudonym" (get it?), so be it.  It's not as if I'm hiding from anyone.

If I write that Will Conroy probably shouldn't have won the Sportsman of the Year award, he can get a hold of me - and he did.  If I want to know what led to John Coffino throwing his clipboard up at the end of a game since it ended up hitting a fan, I'll talk to him face to face about it - and we have.  If Scott Roth is mad because I said his team didn't play great defense in a preseason game, he's also able to get a hold of me - and he did.  If I write that the Erie Bayhawks are the only D-League team unaware of RU, they could disprove me - but they haven't.

Basically, if you need to get a hold of me, I'm readily available.  Click on my name, shoot me an email, and we can go from there.

If you'd rather berate blogs because they're a one-way stream of communication, so be it.  But if you do that, you, good sir, are a weenie.

-Scott (RidiculousScott (at) Gmail (dot) com)

P.S. I'd actually like to say my mainstream writing is more of a one-way communication than blogging - notice all the comments on this story.