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Happy Cinco de Mayo + More!

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I'm going a bit off topic right away, but I'll get to the D-League talk soon enough.  Since I was adopted, I like to think I have all sorts of heritage.  Mexican is probably on of them, because I can grow a pretty sweet 'stache (not as good as Assistant Coach of the Year Deane Martin's was earlier in the season, however).  Thus, I'd like everyone to take a little time and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  What exactly are we celebrating though?  I had no real idea, until I read this on UrbanDictionary:

Contrary to a surprising public belief, Cindo de Mayo is not a holiday of independance. It celebrates the battle of Puebla(1862), when 2000 Mexican soldiers beat back 6000 French attackers under the rule of Napolean III. This is also the day that Napolean died. So far as I understand it, the holiday is celebrated much more in the US than in Mexico.

There.  Now, if you celebrate tonight, you'll know why you're celebrating.  Consider it my small contribution to society.  I really wish my high school Spanish teacher would have taught me this.  Instead, after three years of Spanish in high school, my knowledge of the language can largely be summed up via this music video and loving Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo (you know the scene).  Thanx Andee (P.S. Beers tonight with Wood?)


Alright, now, to get into why you checked RU this afternoon.  D-League randomness.  Yesterday, I looked at revamping the assignment rules.  Today, I bring you this, via a rather scathing MajorBlogs entry that I hope to get into further... later.

Put all rookies through the D-League system. ALL ROOKIES. Even if someone is that good that they can clear camp and start for the NBA club, assign them to a D-League squad in camp. The top-tiers of the draft must pass through the player development system, if this really is a player development system.

My thoughts, as per the usual, post-jump.

I think this is a bit ludicrous to try starting now.  Great idea, in theory, however pretty implausible.

The MLB does this for the most part, but it's a long-standing arrangement, with one-to-one affiliation and multiple levels of minor league's as well as a 1,432-round draft.  If the NBA were to try this, Fort Wayne would pick up four NBAer's from Detroit, and two each from Indiana and Milwaukee, as it stands today.  I'm fairly certain that President Potter would love this, as they'd stay at the top of the league in attendance, but I don't see it happening.  Unless all three teams run the same system, all eight players played at various enough positions so that they'd all garner equal playing time, and Walker Russell, Ron Howard and Chris Hunter don't feel like getting much playing time next season after playing for Fort Wayne through the two previous Jaren Jackson coached gong shows.

However, as Herm Edwards might say, we can build on this!!  Yes! We! Can!  For realz.  Here's what I suggest.  

Last season, the NBA season started October 28th.  The D-League season started November 28th.  Coincidence?  Doubtful - this was set up by Dan Reed and company, who were just waiting for me to come up with a brilliant idea (brilliant!)  Here it is:

In that first month, lets see which rookies are getting playing time.  The ones that haven't played in more than one full games worth of minutes?  Say hello to the D-League, rook.  If he can't get on the floor in the NBA, lets put him on the floor where he can actually play, develop, and keep his confidence up - for a month, minimum.

Why let him rot away on an NBA bench if he's not where he needs to be?  Think he'll be remarkably better next year once they put him on the floor because he was able to sit and watch during practice?