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Introducing Dennis Rodman, Head Coach + Random

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<strong>Dennis Rodman</strong> will soon be trying his hand at coaching.  Hopefully he recruits <strong>Buff Carrot Top</strong>.  Also, notice the Red Auerbach cigar already.  I smell championships.
Dennis Rodman will soon be trying his hand at coaching. Hopefully he recruits Buff Carrot Top. Also, notice the Red Auerbach cigar already. I smell championships.

  • Dennis Rodman will make his professional coaching debut with the Elmira Bulldogs of the Eastern Basketball Alliance (Even I've never heard of the EBA). The games will be played at First Arena on Feb. 12 and 13 (Next year), with Bulldogs head coach and general manager James Schutz serving as an assistant coach for those games. "I think this will be larger than life," Schutz said. "Because when people think of Rodman, it's about more than basketball. Dennis is coming here to put on a show, and I can't wait." If anyone lives in Elmira, I expect a detailed recap of these games - I'll even find you a press pass! P.S. If a minor league team is looking to sell tickets, is there a better candidate than Rodman?
  • Another league I'd never heard of, the USBA, is looking for coaches for the basketball side as well as the dance team side.  Don't worry, it sounds sketchy, but they've got their benefits:  The league has developed a comprehensive package for the coaches. Head Coaches are paid $500.00 per week, assistant coaches receive $275.00 per week and Dance Team coaches receive $275.00 per week. Coaches also receive housing, when needed, and a daily meal at Golden Corral Buffet Restaurant. As a bonus coaches receive compensation for sponsor speaking engagements. PAGING JOEL ABELSON - a daily meal at the Golden Corral!  Get Some!
  • In an interview with the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Joey Meyer said he wants NBA players.  "We want to have a great relationship with our affiliates," Meyer said. "Not a good relationship, but a great relationship. They have to know their player is going to be taken care of and is going to get time and a chance to develop." Meyer has yet to name an assistant coach and declined to speculate on whether any of last year's Mad Ants player would return for his roster. This is where I come in: Assistant Coach = Hire Joel Abelson. Returners - Questionable (see below)
  • Joey Meyer AND Jeff Potter both spoke with WANE on Video!  Meyer has plenty of blase things to say, while Potter says it's probably time for Walker Russell and Ron Howard to head overseas if they're not in the NBA this season. Without them, it looks like Joey's got some work to do.
  • "I think it's starting to look like a better draft class," said Walt Perrin, the Jazz's director of player personnel. "I still think there's a lot of guys in this draft who'll be role players in a couple years. I don't know if there's a lot of guys who'll be immediate starters."Perrin added, "It's a draft that, more so than in the past, is in the eyes of the beholder, with players who could be chosen anywhere from Nos. 10 to 25, or Nos. 15 to 35."  -- Wait, I wish I'd have said this!
  • I'm still surprised Larry Brown thinks the D-League is positive -  "He's got to be more coachable. He got a little frustrated not playing (in Charlotte), and it affected him (Alexis Ajinca) in how he responded," Brown said. "The D-league had a real positive effect on him – when you have to fly commercial (rather than charter) and take buses, you're sometimes humbled and appreciate what you have. But we're still excited about him and his progress and potential."
  • Haters, by Lance Allred - They know of me and my name, but I do not know them, and yet I am able to control their thoughts and actions. Thank you, for letting me have that power over you.  - Not included but I believe he meant to link to the imitable Hillary Duff song as well.
  • Scott Roth teaching Hasheem Thabeet not to stand in the lane too long - Thabeet is training in California with a former Navy Seals officer and doing oncourt work with former NBA power forward, Scott Roth, who is now a D-League coach. Roth, a former Jazz assistant, taught him the finer points of NBA defense, including defensive 3- seconds where Thabeet will not be able to linger in the lane ready to swat shots. "I'm learning to move from one side to the other, but I'm going to block a lot of shots next year," he said. For some reason, the fact that he wasn't aware of this before worries me.

  • John Lucas III twitters about contract issues - To finish this post, I leave you with three Tweets from John Lucas.  Good stuff. Could he have been talking about Colorado? Probably not, as the D-League pays the players, not the individual teams. Still, obviously Europe has downfalls, mainly Lucas forgetting how to twitter in English.
  • So tell me why my team is short on my money. They must don’t know i do not play when it come to my money.

    Got my agent all over it I will like to clear the air. I was not talking about my team that I play for now.

    Team I am on now is one of the best team I have been so i am sorry if anybody thought I was talking about my current team I was not.