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Scott Roth Out as Bakersfield Jam Coach

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<a href="">Now-former Bakersfield coach Scott Roth</a>
Now-former Bakersfield coach Scott Roth

This story is a day or so old, but with all the excitement of Moltar coming into our lives I thought I'd wait and give this story the attention it deserves: Bakersfield Jam head coach Scott Roth will not be returning next season.  Roth was put into somewhat of an awkward position when Bakersfield briefly folded (and according to this article they did fold before starting back up), leaving him without a job (however temporarily).  Roth used that time largely to help prepare Hasheem Thabeet before the NBA Draft, and it appears as though other opportunities presented themselves during that interim period that Roth likely will now be pursuing.

Roth seems to be well-respected, as he is a former player, assistant coach in the NBA and with the Turkish national team and head coach of the Dominican Republic national team, along with leading the Jam to their first-ever playoff appearance this past season.  Plus, he seemed able to find a lot of opportunities in that relatively narrow timeframe when his team didn't exist.  The Jam began their coaching search a few days ago, and at this point they're likely pursuing the same candidates, or at least most of the same candidates, as the Dakota Wizards.  Roth was last rumored to be an assistant coaching candidate with the Sacramento Kings, so perhaps he'll end up there.

Roth leaving means there currently are four coaching vacancies in the D-League: Bakersfield, Dakota, Maine and Springfield.