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Kasib Powell: Preparing for Trikala

[Kasib Powell checks in one last time before he heads overseas (Trikala, Greece) to make that money.  Last time Powell checked in with us, he was coming off of a good Summer League in Orlando.  From everyone at RU, we'd like to wish him luck and hopefully everything works out the way it's supposed to in the long run -- Scott]

As I'm sitting here Sunday morning, I'm making a list of things that I will need this season in Greece: Plenty of DVD's, white tees, Skype, a global phone, and the most important thing - an electronics adapter.  People might not realize how important the last thing on my list is, but the adapter is key. I got to learn that quick when I had a mini explosion with my XBox 360 and my brand new hair clippers last time I was overseas!

My decision to go to Europe was a difficult and stressful one that took longer then I wanted, but at the same time it felt like I had to make a decision quick.  My options were laid out on the table and I had already turned down two great jobs in Europe.  This would have been the third situation that slipped by me, so instead I decided to grab the situation by the horns and embrace it. So I'm headed to Trikala, Greece! I have never been so excited to go to Europe as I am now!! Every overseas team I have played on (except one) has never had any other Americans on the team.  This year in Greece though, I will be playing with AJ Abrams from the University of Texas and Tyrrell Biggs from Pittsburgh. Both of those guys are use to winning and the three of us will take that attitude to Greece and win many games in a great league. 

My other option was going to training camp with an NBA team. I could have rolled the dice, but honestly, I have rolled the dice too much and it was time to stop rolling and jump on a great team that WANTED me and that was going to GUARANTEE my money.   If I was 22 or 23, I would have stuck around and rolled the dice, but at this point in my career, it is a wise move.  After I have a great season in Trikala, who knows how much Panathinakos or Olympiakos will offer me with the way they are signing people?  Or maybe I have such a great year that my next destination after this year will be with the Phoenix Suns?  Besides, if you're a former D-league MVP struggling to get into the league that the NBA has a direct affiliation with, then maybe I needed to go to Europe and try that route.

Many players get into the NBA late after many years in Europe or the minors so I will keep hope alive that I will be a late addition that plays 5 or 6 years in the NBA. I still feel my game is an NBA game but I will be taking my services to Europe. No love lost from any teams in the NBA or the NBA in general. I will still watch games over in Greece and I still am a big fan. There is always next year. I dont leave the country for another week so as I'm getting all my items for this season, I will check in before my departure.