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NBA "Generations" Team Wins in Incheon 94-82

Krusty poses for trading card photo. (via <a href=""></a>)
Krusty poses for trading card photo. (via

The "NBA Generations" team comprised of retired NBA and current D-League players won the second game of the NBA Asia Challenge on Sunday, beating the Incheon ETLAND Elephants 94-82.  Again, there's not much more than a boxscore to go off of (and again, it's in PDF format downloadable here), but Billy Thomas made all 12 of his field goals to lead the NBA team with 27 points.  Anyone who's watched him play in the D-League knows that he's capable of these hot streaks, and his team certainly needed it.  Russell Robinson and Lanny Smith stepped up after not contributing much in the first game, scoring 17 and 15 points respectively (with Smith also picking up eight assists), but other than Dominique Wilkins' 10 points the rest of the team scored just 25 total.  Incheon's American players led that team in scoring, with Amal McCaskill scoring 17 and Chris Daniels picking up 16 along with a game-high six rebounds.  Kim Sung Chul added 15 points of his own on 5-9 three-point shooting.  Lim Hyo Sung had eight assists for the Elephants.

The NBA/D-League players now head to the Philippines, where they close out the Asia Challenge against the Philippine Basketball Association All-Stars on September 11.