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Cedric Jackson + Cleveland Cavaliers = Love

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Cedric Jackson
Cedric Jackson

As much as I hated the JamesOn Curry call-up, the Cavaliers are about to make me happy.  And, since Jackson's currently in Cleveland getting a physical according to my sources, I'm about to be happy.

As I wrote this morning, Jackson was a bit of a long shot, but had a few things going for him as well:

Cedric Jackson (Erie BayHawks, 16.5 ppg, 8.2 apg, 4.7 rpg (as a starter), 40% FG, 30% 3pt) - Jackson's the best defensive player on this list not named Jefferson.  The Cleveland State alum was actually the Horizon League defensive player of the year last season.  With the Cavs D-League affiliate, the Erie BayHawks, he's recently earned himself his spot in the rotation as a full-time starter - Since January 6th, the 10-13 BayHawks have won six  of their past eight games, all Jackson starts.

 Jackson doesn't really have a jump shot (the numbers aren't lying), but he does very well at working off the pick-and-roll and getting to the bucket, either finishing below the rim or getting to the free-throw line.  The Cavs' brass should be very familiar with him as he played right underneath their nose at Cleveland State and is now playing for their affiliate in Erie.  

While this is probably a long shot, I'd welcome this call-up because, if nothing else, it'd be a nice way to reward the rookie's solid play with a 10-day contract and see how he does on the big stage. 

He's also a pure point in the same way Williams is a pure point, if you catch my drift.

In all honestly, I don't love Jackson as an NBA point guard for years and years to come, but it is nice to see that if a player plays hard and does what he's supposed to do, even without a big name, he has a chance to get called-up.