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Renardo Sidney Fight With Mississippi State Teammate In Stands - VIDEO

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Renardo Sidney was involved in a fight with Mississippi State teammate Elgin Bailey in the stands of a game they were watching tonight during the Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii.

The 6-foot-10, 270 pound Sidney was supposed to be a top-flight NBA talent at one point, but that has more than likely been derailed due to his actions over the past couple of years. The seventh best NBA prospect coming out of the 2009 high school class (behind Derrick Favors, John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Avery Bradley, John Henson and Xavier Henry), the big man has had problems throughout his entire college "career."

Last year, Sidney was forced to sit out his entire freshman season while the NCAA looked into his amateur status and, earlier this week, he was suspended one game for an incident that occured in practice prior to the team leaving for Hawaii.

Earlier in the evening, Sidney scored 19 points and grabbed six rebounds in a 69-52 victory over San Diego.

Sidney was seen being escorted away by arena ushers and Honolulu Police, who said later that nobody was arrested. Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury refused comment until he "finds out all the facts" according to the Associated Press.

Video of the incident can be seen below.