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Nate Jawai is Back!

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Hey, everyone Nate Jawai is back!  The Minnesota Timberwolves assigned the second-year big man to the Sioux Falls Skyforce today, in order to play in tonight and tomorrow night's games against the Dakota Wizards.  These teams really take that regional rivalry seriously!

The comments in this Canis Hoopus fanshot are pretty positive about Jawai, noting that he mainly needs to work on his conditioning and get some playing time.  No surprise for that first one, but Jawai actually started a few Timberwolves games earlier this season and was playing decent minutes before piling up DNPs.  Jawai has improved a lot since last season - glancing at Basketball Reference, his rebounding and shooting are way up while his turnovers are way down.  And while his PER isn't great this season, it's still better than guys getting more minutes than him, including Oleksiy Pecherov, Damien Wilkins and Ryan Hollins.

Jawai has played in the D-League before, of course, having been assigned to the Idaho Stampede last year.  I wouldn't exactly call him a fan, though.  Hopefully under some different circumstances he'll have a better attitude about this assignment.  The only other thing I can say is that I hope everyone passes him the ball and takes him out for ice cream after the game (actually given his conditioning, uh, issues, maybe ice cream's a bad idea).

BUT WELCOME BACK NATHAN JAWAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!