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The Big Bang Theory, American Gladiators, United Way, and Rony Seiklay?

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As i write this I am currently in bed waiting for Kaley Cuoco to bring me some soup and crackers. You might remember her as Penny from The Big Bang Theory.  I am in love with her and is also in the best show on TV right now.  If you haven't seen the show you should be ashamed of yourself.  One of the episodes reminds me of when Scott goes to a movie and can't figure out where to sit.  I have been under the weather lately and have some kind of flu or virus going on.  I can't really do too much so I thought what a great time to talk about the D-League.

All D-League teams are in charge of putting up there players to live, whether be in an apartment or a hotel.  We are only here for such a short time and its hard to really call it home (can't forget the great D-League travel on the road also) but we have to make the most out of it.  The Hotel PURE Avalon I stay at in Erie has arguably the worst TV channel selection of any hotel in the world. (Seriously) They do not have CBS, ABC, or FOX but they do have NBC.  I can't even watch the NCAA Tournament in my own room!  They have ESPN, ESPN Classic and NFL Network but no ESPN2?  I never thought I would watch so many old-school American Gladiators episodes in my life.  Seriously, what TV package are they under?  

On a more positive note, the internet does work here (well, most of the time)  and I don't have to steal a wireless network from Joel Abelson (Thanks Joel) like I was doing when in Idaho.  And you thought I could go without mentioning him? 

Every D-League team has there own practice facility/court and they can vary from good to bad.  While I am not exactly sure about every team, but I do know the L.A. D-Fenders use the Lakers practice facility and arguably have the best place.  However, others are not so good.  When I was in Idaho we practiced at a Boys & Girls Club.  For all you fellow D-Leaguers that were at the Showcase and had the opportunity to practice there that week, you know exactly what I mean.  It might have the most slippery floor of anywhere I have ever played.  You can sweep and wet the floor as much as you want, it will NEVER make a difference.  Also, I have heard Fort Wayne's practice court might have the hardest floor for a human beings knees.  Ice on the knees a MUST after practice.  So with that being said I am very lucky to be here in Erie.  

The place we practice at here in Erie is at LECOM- Medical Fitness & Wellness Center.  Let me tell you this place is top of the line, maybe the best fitness center I have ever been in.  Besides the fact that the court is not regulation size and no NBA 3 point lines it is still great.  LECOM is practically brand new and has everything you need from physical therapy (Steve Burke is the best), weights, pools, they have it all.  Also, i cannot forget to mention my girl Maggie who makes the best Strawberry protein shake for me after every practice from the Healthy Cafe!   

Like to give a shout out to Matt Hubert, the great writer that does a tremendous job covering the Erie Bayhawks as well as the D-League.  In his D-League Olympics post on D-LeagueDigest he had yours truly taking the Gold for best player-blogger.  I am very humbled and appreciate the love Matt, but I am not even close to being on my favorite blogger 's radar, Fort Wayne Mad Ants Center Jared Reiner.  

Not sure if you are all aware of this but I have teamed with United Way and Plyler Overhead Door in a charity promotion.  $1 dollar to United Way for every point I score for the rest of the season, and $5 for every 3-pointer. (No pressure on me there LOL) I am very excited about getting the chance to do something like this and will do my best to make it as successful as possible.   

By the way I have found my new favorite DJ; Rony Seikaly!

Talk to you soon...