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D-League Playoff Match-Ups Set - One Pretty Large Surprise

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The D-League uses an innovative format where the top seeds choose their opponents - it's probably the best thing the D-League is trying to develop that could have NBA potential (sorry, balls). 

The best team is able to choose on match-ups and how they finished the season rather than possibly get stuck with a team that's playing much better than their record indicates - or a mediocre team that causes a lot of match-up issues.

This afternoon, they picked their poison with the match-ups being as follows:

The Iowa Energy (37-13) selected the Utah Flash (28-22).

The Rio Grande Valley Vipers (34-16) selected the Reno Bighorns (27-22).

The Austin Toros (32-18) selected the Dakota Wizards (29-21).

The Sioux Falls Skyforce (32-18) were left no choice but to play the Tulsa 66ers (27-22).

I'll make sure to have a match-up breakdown tomorrow, but for now I'll just say this went exactly as I had planned - except for Tulsa and Dakota being switched around.

I think Dakota's better than their record indicates, which is why I had them pegged as the team nobody would choose to play, but it probably makes sense that Austin sans Dwayne Jones would pick Dakota - Their inside presence isn't as strong as Tulsa's potentially could be (via a DJ White assignment or even a couple of decent 7-footers in Byron Mullens, Steven Hill (if healthy?) and the long DeVon Hardin).